first year mammogram results

first year mammogram results

first year mammogram results Hi all

Just wanted to share my news, results of mammogram 1 year on have come back clear, yipee what a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Going on holiday on Wednesday to Lake Garda with my partner(no kids) so looking forward to relaxing after a tough year. Feel that I am so lucky to be here, and have decided to try and stop worrying and live life to the full.

Good luck to all who are still going through treatment, keep your spirits up and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hugs and best wishes to all.


That is fantastic Elaine…

Have a wonderful holiday.


WONDERFUL NEWS Elaine… …have a lovely holiday.



I was diagnosed May 2006 and have my mammogram and blood test(6mths since the last ones) tomorrow and feel so low and worried. Trying to keep chin up and all that…

I too have booked a holiday and leave Monday for Australia (I am Aussie) by myself to see all my family and friends I haven’t seen since being diaganosed, so it was going to be a time of celebration but I won’t have my results of my blood tests for a couple of weeks and I was really worried. But reading your email has really given me hope that things CAN go right.

You go girl and have a fantastic holiday.

Love Shell XXX

fantastic news! Hi Elaine,

Great news, I had the same result following my first mammogram in February a year after diagnosis and the feeling of relief is brilliant.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday and continued good health,

Best wishes,
Nicky x