Five years after LD flap,? Too late for diep recon

After having LD flap recon in 2008 and implant replaced in 2010 with a silicone one, is it too late to ask for a diep recon? I am fed up of being permanently aware of implant and even though its not too uncomfortable i always feel like theres something ‘strapped’ to my chest and a ‘dragging’ feeling.i feel that because of this i am not able to ‘move on’ from bc. Any advice ladies would be helpful.

Hi AmberKitten
I know exactly how you feel, because i feel the same!
The feeling of the implant being welded into an area to make a ‘breast’ does not do it for me either.
The only thing you can do, is ask to speak to your PS about the possibility of having the DIEP performed at some stage and chat about the advantages versus the disadvantages of having such major surgery.

There are plenty of women on here who have had this procedure and are happy with the results.

Let me know how you get on…
Naz x