fizzy fingers and thumb !!!

hi all yet another question , i did 6 fec/d ending in march then rads am now on 4th capecitabine (xeloda)i know this can affect hands and feet but ok so far but i am aware of loss of dexterity in finger tips small objects are hard to grip,but also on my right hand my thumb especially is feeling fizzy and tingly ,got pain in that shoulder and hope its not anything in bone pressing on nerves (mind in overdrive)but am sure i have read about chemo affecting fingers and feet , so ladies can anyone help ? hugs xxxxx

Hi I had Taxotere and that definately affected my toes especially. I still find them a bit numb now and I finished chemo nearly 2 months ago.

Hi fairyqueen,

I was on xeloda but a few years ago now - back in 2003. I did have problems with my fingers on it - like you. Do make sure you tell your onc about this as you may need to have the dose reduced. The problem with your thumb & shoulder does need checking out too. Remember the sooner you tell your onc the sooner you can stop worrying hopefully!!


Hi Fairyqueen

I am on Xeloda too and also have fizzy fingers and have had very sore feet. I have been on a slightly reduced dose for this cycle and the one before and my feet and hands are slowly improving. I was on 1800mg twice a day and now down to 1300mg twice a day.

Sue x

It’s called Peripheral Neuropathy - google it :slight_smile:
Chemo chemicals can damage the covering surrounding the peripheral nerves which can cause a load of symptoms, numbness, pins and needles, difficulty with fiddly tasks etc.

Hope that helps?

thankyou all for your help guess i’ll just see how it goes hugs to all xxx

Hi Fairyqueen,
I’m on Paclitaxol chemo and experiencing all the peripheral neuropathy effects that El K mentions. It did warn me in the literature so no surprise, am sitting here with feet on footstool and duvet.
I find Ibuprofen and Paracetamol together help a bit.
Chemo nurse suggested putting a pillow case in the freezer (not frozen peas or an ice pack) and wrapping feet in that. I keep forgetting.