Flat and Fabulous

Hi all,


this is my position following orginal surgery in 2014, reduction of unaffected side in 2015, then x4 debilitating infections in 2016 - the last of which lead to hospitalisation & IV antibiotics for 5 days. I requested a bilateral mastectomy ( as had struggled being lopsided) and thankfully the surgeon that had seen me with the last 2 infections agreed. I now live Flat and Fabulous. Facebook has a closed support group for those with single or bilateral mastectomy. Massive support, ladies declining further extensive surgery & just cracking on with life.


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LL xx

Hi lexilou3, 

Thank you for letting users know about this support group :) 

If any users would ever like to chat through any questions they have about surgery they can call our helpline on 0808 800 6000.

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