Flu jab pre-chemo?


My Mum will be starting her chemo in the next week or two and she has had conflicting info regarding whether she should have a flu injection, or not. Should she have one before chemo starts?

Can any of you help me out on clarifying this? All help gratefully received!

Lisa xxxx

I had one last year before chemo, as did all my immediate family. My onc was ok with it.


My Onc insisted on one for me and my husband and children. He said particularly for the children. They are 4 and 5 and little bio-hazards!



I was advised to have swine flu and seasonal flu jabs before I started chemo.

Sue xx

Me too.


Hope you don’t mind me asking but does anyone have views about the flu jab after chemo. I have just finished all my treatment bar Tamoxifen and have been wondering if a flu jab would be good especially as I work in a college?

Viv x

my onc wanted me to have the flu jab, and swine flu jab before i started the chemo.

My hubby and son (who was 12 at the time) had both jabs too. And my mum who would be visiting me a lot too.

I had flu jab and swine flu jab after chemo 2. We had to time it right to fit in with my immune system. I pln to have the flu jab again this year, though I would be having it regardless of BC as I have asthma.
My husband and 2 daughters all had the swine flu jab last year to help protect me.

My gp, who has been incredibly supportive and knowledgable throughout my treatment, told me yesterday that I should have the flu jab this year on the basis that I finished Chemo in august. I have provisionally booked it but realised that I will still be having rads . I am going to check with my oncologist though before I do have it.

last year i had mine during chemo so had to have two of both seasonal and swine flu as the chemo affects the way the immunisation works… so i think if you can get it before you start chemo and only need 1 then taht would be better.

all my close family… partner and kids needed to have swine flu aswell and OH had seasonal flu as he gets flu every year anyway… he even managed to get flu before he got the jab!

Hi I had had seasonal flu jab around this time last yr before BC dx then Onc was very clear that I should have swine flu jab in early Dec prior to chemo.( Close family members also had it but would have because of front line health staff or pre-existing health conditions.) Have already been sent a ‘priority’ list appt for flu jab via surgery for this year.Sounds like a good idea. Jackie