I have searched for flu on the website and I am surprised to get no results

My wife was treated for breast cancer two years ago

  • lumpectomy
  • lymphs removed one side
  • Chemo
  • rads

I would have thought that made her high risk but her doc did not offer her flu or swine flu jabs.

She now has flu, and a temperature of 102. She doesn’t want antivirals. What should I do? Is there any stage at which I should call the doc?



Can you ring the oncology unit at your hospital for advice?

I had chemo,mastectomy,lymph nodes removed and rads and my onc said I should deffo have the flu and swine flu jabs when I asked her in Oct. The GPs surgery don’t think I’m in an at risk group so I just told them what onc had said and got both jabs as soon as they came in. Mind you, their practice nurse thought I should have them without question. I do have small bone secondaries so that may make a difference.

Hope your wife recovers soon but get help asap otherwise recovery will take longer.

Hi freddie43,

I finished chemo last august. My GP sent me a letter advising seasonal flu and swine flu jab as in the high risk group. I had both injections before the end of the year. I agree with lizcat, call the onc team, good luck.

I had a lumpectomy in Sept’ 09 and was waiting for radiotherapy to start in December. I mentioned having both jabs to my GP and he thought it a good idea. Maybe if you had actually asked to have them, they would have let you. I would ring your GP and ask his advice regarding your wife’s temperature.

Ann x

Thanks for all your comments. Pity I took so long to get round to looking for them. Sadly she refuses to have the jabs.

Her temperature is near normal now and she is eating a little at last, but still feeling terribly groggy and being horribly sick

DON’T waste your time doing what I did…

  • I went to the swine flue website, which prescribed antivirals (an hour’s drive away) and said call the doc
  • I called the doc for advice and they said ring the swineflu helpline
  • I rang that and had to put up with endless announcements (including a warning of risk of prosecution!!!). Finally got through to someone who started on her spiel. I stopped her and said I just needed advice. “We can’t give advice - try NHS direct” she said
  • I rang NHS direct and a nurse rang me back and eventually said ring your doc.
  • At that I gave up.
    Anyone else read Kafka?

I was dx 2 years ago and had WLE, node sampling then rads … my dx was in the January and I was not offered flu jab at that time. The following winter when the posters stared to appear in pharmacy windows and GP surgery etc I made enquiries about how I could get the jabs … I was told that despite being classed as a cancer patient I was not undergoing any ‘active’ treatment so therefore I did not qualify for a flu jab on the NHS … I was told if I wanted to have it I would need to go private and was pointed in the direction of Boots the Chemist, I made enquiries and was informed the local branches were not doing it and the nearerst to where I live was in Aberdeen … needless to say I did not travel nearly 140 miles and pay £20 to get it.