Fluid build up 3 months after operation

I’ve just in the last few days started to notice my breast swelling. I had WLE back in July and didn’t have any problems. I noticed my breast was a little tender and larger. I contacted my bc nurse. She asked me to come in and have a scan. The surgeon (radiologist wasn’t around) said it was just clear fluid build up. Has this happened to anyone else so long after surgery?

Hi a Chook. I had a WLE in January 2012, went through chemo and radio, finishing in September, 2 months later in November my breast felt tender and had swelled up, 10 months after surgery. Like you I had too have an ultra sound and was advised it was fluid build up but caused by radiotherapy (you don’t say if you had radio?). Nobody is remotely concerned about it, my oncologist says it may or may not go down, 2 years on and it’s still the same. Hope this is reassuring for you. Take care

CC x