Fluid build up a year on?


I haven’t been on the forums for some time. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007 and she had chemo followed by a lumpectomy but then had to have a mastectomy. She had a reconstruction using skin from the back (sorry not sure of the technical term).

She had this op in May 2008 but over the weekend she has had a build up of fluid under the scar on the back and also where she had the lymph nodes removed. Although it’s not painful, Mum says it feels really tight. She’s going to the consultant tonight to have it drained and for him to look at it but I’m really scared that something else is wrong. She hasn’t had any need for fluid to be drained since abuot three weeks after the op. Has anyone else experienced this or know what can cause it?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Michelle,

Obviously I am not medically trained, but I am sure it is possible to get fluid build-up (seroma) even this long after surgery. The tight feeling your Mum is getting is probably from the pressure of the fluid. There are ladies on these forums who are much better informed than me and they are sure to post soon.

Good luck with the consultant tonight, I am sure he will put your mind at rest.

Regards to you and your Mum,

Tracy xx

A similar thing happened to my mum. She had mastectomy with saline implant, but a few years later started getting fluid build-up on her back and chest. We all feared the worst, but in her case it turned out to be a delayed reaction to the implant.
She had the implant removed but still has some swelling in the region.
It took months before she had completed all the tests and scans and got the ‘all clear’ and during this time we were all in a terrible state of anxiety. It must be a worrying time for your family too - I hope it all goes well.