Fluid retention / haematoma

I had a lumpectomy three weeks ago, and at the follow up to surgery I had a very swollen breast, a haematoma. How can I help the blood clot to liquify and for the fluid to disperse?

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Your question might be something the Helpline could help with.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi. I had a WLE and axillary node clearance 6 weeks ago. A week following surgery I developed a seroma. My bcn aspirated about 400mls of ‘bloody’ fluid and then 3 days later it was back so I made an appt to see my consultant ( I am having private treatment ) I saw him that evening and he had to make an incission in my wound and used suction to remove more blood and clots, 500mls.I also developed an infection and had to see him 2-3 x a week to have it aspirated. It has almost cleared up though now just a little leakage which is delaying the start of my radiotherapy. If I was you and and it is not dispersing on it’s own I would ask to see my bcn or doctor for advise.

hi Ayejaye
i had lumpectomy on 15th august had haematoma and fluid. I’ve had to c surgeon once or twice a week since had it drained 3 times. have been on antibiotics 4 weeks now. They r now saying fluid has gone solid and have gone into pockets. so can’t drain anymore. has to go of its own acord now. very frustrating because im still waiting to start chemotherapy. sorry i couldn’t b more help to.suexxx

I have now had the haematoma dealt with and my breast is now back to almost normal, albeit slightly smaller than the other one. However, when I saw my surgeon there is still a small clot beneath the scar, and I am so worried that this is going to develop into another haematoma, and I am consequently doing virtually nothing that might cause it. Am I being right, or should I be going out and acting normally. I find it very difficult not to use my right arms when I have absolutely no form of discomfort, and I find it difficult not doing my normal amount of housework; I dislike seeing my home becoming grubby, but will not ask for help. I have been feeling very low because of all this, and cannot seem to feel any different.