fluid sloshing after wle

Hi had a wle and sentinel biopsy yesterday and just this evening I’ve heard fluid sloshing in the breast.

It is bit swollen. At what point do I see someone to talk about it being drained? I know some fluid will be reabsorbed. How long did that take for people without it being drained? Thanks.

Give it time. You need to heal.

Hi Rowan

Completly normal to have some “sloshing” after your WLE (only yesterday) try not to worry & be kind to yourself you need to heal.

My first Wle also resulted in some “sloshing” but it settled. I was back at work full-time after a week. I assume you will be be having a clinic appointment in a couple of weeks where you will be checked over. If you still have it then mention it.

take care

Thanks for the reassurnce ladies.