fluid under skin 9 days after a bi-lat Mx - no recon

Hi Does anyone have any advice about dealing with fluid build up post surgery?
I had my drains removed after 6 days, tho they were still putting out 50ml a day each. Yesterday I went back to hospital because my chest was wobbly with fluid and I was beginning to look like I was growing new boobs! The nurse drained the rh side and suggested leaving the lhs - she wanted to keep injections for draining to a minimum to avoid the risk of introducing infection. Fair enough I suppose. She said see how I go and they’ll reassess it when I’m back in hospital for an appointment on Tuesday.
Thing is I feel stretched and swollen today, some parts wobbley some firm and a bit sore. I don’t want to keep pestering the hospital, but I’d like some reassurance I guess.
How does this compare with other peoples’ experiences?
I’m finding doing my exercises very uncomfortable, could I leave them til the swelling has gone?
Or is it even more important, with this swelling, that I keep doing them?
Is there anything I can do to encourage my body to stop producing the damn fluid! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions!
Ninianne x

Hiya, I had my seroma drained 9 times every week post op. (500mls first few times) It was stopped due to start of Chemo. There was a residual pocket of fluid for some time. Some units inject steriods, most will advise that in time seromas will go by themselves. Keep going with the exercises. Good Luck! X

Hi Ninianne
I really feel for you, as I had lots of fluid drained from my chest many times. As for the exercises, I found them too painful to do, maybe you could speak to your bc nurse. I was told there was nothing I could do to prevent the fluid coming back, eventually it will stop producing…Good luck… Take care…

My seroma was a running joke at the hospital I attended. They reckoned I had the longest running seroma they had seen. At the time it was just a pain to keep treking to the hospital to get it drained. I think it lasted about 4 months before finally stopping. They kept saying the fluid would reduce but the BCN regularly drained about 120mls of fluid each time. We experimented with trying to extend the time between draining but nothing seemed to make much difference but eventually it did stop.
My seroma was on my back following a mx and ld flap reconstruction.

Thanks for your comments. I hope it will clear up sooner. Anyway, I’ll keep at it.

I have had my seroma (in my back afte LD-flap) drained 4 times now since my surgery nearly 5 weeks ago. (After 3 days, 6 days, 2 days (before weekend), 6 days). It needs doing again, and will hopefully be done on Monday at my next appointment(11 days).

Mine is calming down now, and as other discomfort is reducing I fell I can cope with it more, I am hoping to reduce the frequency of draining even more.

I have had conflicting advice re frequency. On the one hand, every time they stick a needle in to drain there is chance of infection, then on the other hand if it is bothering you enough so you need more painkillers and/or reluctant to do your exercises, then you need it draining.


It’s much better now thanks, Bluebird. I’m now 5 weeks post op and althouh there’s a bit of a saggy bit under my arm, it’s not painful or in the way and I’m told it’ll re absorb. Such a relief - thought it might go on for months, judging bysome comments.
I hope yours will clear up soon too and that you recover well.
Ninianne x