Flying with prsothesis

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted on here for a long time, happily I’m now 5 years on & doing fine after grade 2 cancer with 2 nodes involved.

I am flying up to Aberdeen tomorrow from Heathrow to visit a friend, first time I’ve flown in years. I had a mastectomy so wear a prosthesis - what happens at the airport security with this, do I need to tell them, or not wear it? I’m just worried it will all be embarassing & upsetting & take ages (I’m flying very early so won’t have masses of time!)…



Hi Sandra,
I had a mx with axillary clearnce 2 nodes positive as well!
I have flown a few times. To Ireland and Portugal. I have found if I wear my silicone prosthesis no need to mention it no one can tell.
I have a leisure form which is spongey and has a small silicone insert very comfy in hot weather but it does set off the security when you go through passport control and i had to say to the security girl and she smiled kindly and ushered me through. It does say that it might do this on the packaging. I now have an appt with the plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction so hopefully wont have this problem much longer.
Have a good trip love Carolyn

Hi Sandra,

I have had prostheses for many years now and never had problems when I fly.


Thank you Dawn & Carolyn. That was one less thing for me to worry about - just needed to concentrate on getting up at 4am to get there! The trip was great, and no I didn’t have any problems or need to tell anyone. I wonder if this will change when the body scanners come in at Heathrow?


Hi Sandra,

I’ve flown no problem with prosthesis but am flying from Manchester in May so it will be interesting to see what happens re the scanner there !!!



These posts made me smile. Once you are diagnosed with BC there are so many things that affect your life. I am only newly diagnosed and just started treatment after mx in Dec. I had never even thought about flying with a prosethis (sorry prob not spelt right). I just can’t get over how life has changed.

Very interesting topic, look forward to holiday, probably be next year now before I fly again and what with body scanners it is going to be very interesting.

Anne xx

I am glad I have read these posts. I wear a prothesis and have never thought about security at an airport. I haven’t flown since having mx. I have wondered what will happen when body scanners are introduced. There must be something we can say / do to avoid the embassassment of body scanners.

Hi I too was wondering about going thru airport security with a prosethis and so I was glad to find this thread, I am a bit worried about going through a body scanner though it could be a bit embarassing. I haven’t flown since my op in December but hope to this summer.


Yes, nothing to worry about, I have been flying regularly - two return journeys a week sometimes! I have never had any problems at all with my prosthesis - also flown widely around the world with no problems!

Not looking forward to full body scanners though which I think will just make me feel very uncomfortable in terms of whoever is operating them being able to see I have one breast!