I am about to take my girls on a long awaited trip to Walt Disney World, that at one time we thought we might never have. However, the thought of the flight is giving me sleepless nights and I really don’t want to spend the whole time we are there dreading have to come back. Could anyone recommend something for me to take before the flight that might just take the edge off it enough that it is not a major problem. Have tried rescue remedy but really think I need something a bit extra this time.

Karen x

hi karen

what about an accupuncture appointment or reiki? befor you go??? it will help on the way out - on the way back maybe some meditation or somethin the morning before you leave??? or see if you can get yourself in for accupuncture or somethin in usa before returnin??? could search the web for established places maybe??? just a thought!!!


Rachel x


Is it the fear of flying or the discomfort that bothers you? If it’s the fear, then Zippy’s suggestions sound good.

If it’s discomfort, then you could try for a seat with x-tra legroom, just to give you some more all-round comfort. Also, I’d suggest avoiding having your dodgy arm nearest the aisle and to take a cushion or something similar to rest it on. Even if you don’t have lymphoedema, some MLD from a qualified therapist might help. It’s relaxing, too!

Sorry its probly too late and you have already gone on your holiday.
There is something you can get called Phenegan. You get it from pharmacy and we used to seel loads of it to people flying off to USA. It makes you drowsy/sleepy and is very relaxing.Obviously check with pharmacist if you are on medication.

Hi Karen,

You probably already know to wear flight socks and take half an aspirin on the day of your flight (especially if you are taking Tamoxifen).

Drink lots of still water.

Breathing exercises can help to keep you calm - count to five while you breath in, then count to five while you breath out. Pause inbetween. Do it again!

There’s a sachet called “Emergence-C” you can buy it from health stores, it is a big dose of vitamin C and other vitamins etc, this could help your immune system cope with anything nasty in the airplane air from other passengers.

You could try taking valerian and passiflora herbs tablets to make you drowsy, available from health shop or herbalist.

You have a lovely holiday with your daughters to look forward to during the flight there, and on the flight back you can think about what a great time you had while you were there.

And you’ll sleep when you get back home.

So just enjoy each moment as it happens.

Bon voyage!