Foggy head post chemo ? sound familiar??

Foggy head post chemo ? sound familiar??

Foggy head post chemo ? sound familiar?? Hiya,

just wondering if I have become a victim of that phemomenon that is ‘chemo brain’? I started chemo last month and had my 3rd session of epi last week. 1 more to go then I am switching to CMF. I am finding that for up to a week after chemo my mind really isn’t with it. I have a very foggy head and have trouble thinking of even the most basic things. I am quite sure I wouldn’t be able to make any important decisions during this time!

My brain just does not seem to be ‘all there’ at the mo and I’m wondering if this is totally normal and to be expected? Has anyone else experienced what I can only assume is ‘chemo brain’?. Its odd 'cause about a week after treatment I find that I will wake up one day and suddenly feel totally ‘normal’. The fogginess has gone and its amost as if someone has switched a light on on my head.

Reassurance that I’m not losing the plot will be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


“Chemo Brain” Hiya Kelly,

Oh yes I am also a ‘victim’ of the old ‘chemo brain’.

I find myself halfway through conversation and totally forget what I am talking about! Also I forget ‘words’ that normally would come to me quickly - if that makes sense?!!! I had my 5th cycle on Friday so that’s my excuse if it doesn’t!!

Hopefully when all these nasty chemicals have left our systems we will return to ‘normal’ - not that I can remember what ‘normal’ is! (LOL)

Anyway Kelly, you’re certainly not on your own!!!

Take care,

Janette x

Hi Kelly,

You are definitely not on your own! I finished my chemo about 6 weeks ago and I’m still suffering. My boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious, I end up talking about something we’ve spoken about earlier that day and he has to remind me that we’ve had that conversation before!


You’re not alone Hi Kelly,

I still have memory lapses and I finished chemo 8 months ago - I think!!

Margaret x

Hi Kelly,

Same here - like you discribe a flick on the imaginary switch but i wouldn’t say I’m back to normal but more ‘with it’ on my best days.
The same happens on CMF - I am reading a book at the moment and I haven’t got much of an idea on what is happening but I’m continuing to read it hoping something will click

Hi there

Yes I am feeling very chemo brain (and I’ve only had one so far - !) Roll on the next five. Mind you, I was suffering a bit before chemo even started so its not so unusual for me to be a bit cloudy headed. Lets just all lose the plot together !

take care
Diane x

Thank you ladies! Hi ladies,

thank you so much (as ever) for your quick responses! Its soooo good to know that I’m not the only one who has a foggy ‘chemo brain’.

As Diane says, lets just all lose the plot together! (I’ve even had trouble typing this! What am I like?!)

Take care and cheers again,


RE chemo brain! Hello Kelly,

I think the drugs they keep pumping into us must affect the way our brains work, i know it has mine.

I put the milk away in the cupboard under the sink and the polish in the fridge yesterday and the times i have got up the stairs and forgotten why must be in double figures by now.

I think that i may need to wear my address on a tag around my neck incase i go out and foget where i live!!

Take care all.


I think you’re right! Hi Candy,

those drugs they pump us with have a lot to answer to! Your tale of the milk and the polish did make me chuckle and it really hit a chord with me!

Thinking about pinching the address idea off you! Not a bad idea that!

Thanks for responding and reassuring me that I’ve not gone completely mad (well, not yet anyway!),

Take care,


It does get better I can totally sympathise with anyone suffering from ‘chemo brain’ but after an enforced break from treatment (only 3 weeks in reality) I was pleased to find that things start to recover very quickly. My brain actually started to feel as though it belonged to me and I could ask all those awkward questions which medics don’t like answering (is this likely to happen again? etc)without bursting into tears.

My taste buds recovered, so I have been eating all those tasty things I love, and haven’t had to rely on chilli and curry to get any taste at all as I have over the last 3 months. My mouth wasn’t dry and everything didn’t have the texture of cardboard. The fuzzy head disappeared and now I am off the epi I have started to get my hair back - fuzzy head to fuzzy head in 6 weeks! I put the excessive tiredness down to the shingles as much as to the chemo so I don’t expect that will change now I am back on the treatment.

I’m back on the cmf now, at a reduced dose which I am told won’t affect the long term outcome of my treatment. Apparently lots of patients can’t tolerate the full dose but have very few problems if it is reduced. Here’s hoping, I go back for part 2 next week.

All the best


Thanks Ollie! Hi Ollie,

thanks for your reassuring post. Looking at your profile I see we are on the same arm of the TACT 2 trial. I have 1 more epi to go before I am let loose with cmf. Nervous about the cmf as am having neulasta after each epi and I’m wondering if that is masking many side effects.

Looking forward to having hair, a fuzzy head sounds nicer than a bald head.

Hope you fair ok on the reduced dose of cmf,

Take care,


e cmf Kelly

I had my last epi some six weeks ago, and from what I can remember (Chemo brain permitting) it took a little bit more getting over than the first three. There is obviously a build up of the drug in your body and I was pleased that it was the last one even though the GCSF injections made the whole thing a lot easier to cope with than I understand it would have been.

I am told that the cmf is usually easier to cope with than epi, so I am hoping that now they have reduced my dose I will be OK. I didn’t actually feel that ill after the first one,but what with the shingles and the sudden temperature rise it was obvious my bone marrow wasn’'t happy and the white cells decided to go on holiday. Hoping the next 3 months are uneventful and pass quickly.

Good luck with the last epi and the cmf. Maybe chemo brain is a way of forgetting the bad bits fairly soon after they have happened.