Foggy thinking

Foggy thinking

Foggy thinking Hi,
Has anyone had the same experience.
Since being diagnosed and going through treatment I have found that my self esteem is at an all-time low. I try to make decisions about going on courses and doing things only to change my mind the next day.
Sometime I feel as though I can take on the world and the next I feel like running away and hiding somewhere.
Somedays I feel really happy and the next day I am on the brink of tears for the least reason.
When does normality return?
Does normality return?
Will I always be a wobbly mess who can stick to a decision?

Reply Your post just hit the right note! I had just shut down a CD which I was working with as part of a course for work. (I popped in last week and in a weak moment volunteered to do the course) which I can work on at home, with an exam at the end.

My brain at the moment has switched itself off and I keep asking myself what was I thinking of!

It must have been one of MY taking on the world days.

I am just at the end of my treatment and things are getting better. The brain is beginning to function better slightly more often (I think) anyway.

Hopefully normality will return.



It will get better honest…I experienced the same thing during treatment and also after…finished in Jan this year and was in an emotional rollercoaster of emotions…up and then down, sad and then happy…Are you seeing a councillor or under the doc for depression. I am doing both and touch wood for the past week feel fantastic loads of energy and enjoying life again.

Hang on in there it will and can only get better


Going to GP Hi,
Thanks for the support.
I have sat here crying this morning because once again I agreed to do something and now don’t want to do it.
I wish I knew my own mind. Everything is so weird.
I will try and get an appointment with my GP today.