folate rich food

I have read that folate rich food cancels out the risk of or recurrence of BC that alcohol presents by producing oestrogen. I am on Arimidex, which I also understand stops the formation of oestrogen. Any information please?
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I have moved your thread to this room where it will be seen by people undergoing treatments, I hope you don’t mind. The following link will take you to a factsheet by BCC about Arimidex, it contains information about how the treatment works:

You are welcome to call our helpline or use the ‘Ask the nurse’ service for any queries that you have, you can access these via the homepage of the website or look under ‘Support for you’.

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Hi, this may sound a bit dim,but what are folate rich foods.

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B vitamins i think, the ones that help to keep your iron levels up??

This is a complex topic and highlights the widespread confusion around foods, nutrients that the foods contain, and what to eat / drink (or to avoid) to help prevent bc, reduce risk of it recurring, or (as in my case) to live well with secondary disease - I am on letrozole, which works in a similar way to Arimidex in blocking oestrogen production.

I started to write a long post (I work in food science) but I thought I might confuse people!

It has been suggested the people who drink alcohol regularly could benefit from taking a folic acid supplement, but this might not be relevant for those who have had breast cancer - better for us to be careful about alcohol intake… yes I do enjoy one glass of wine with a meal at weekends! But anyway, it is thought preferable to get our nutrients from food sources rather than taking supplements (** calcium supplements are OK **) . Leafy vegetables are very good sources - when you see the words “folic acid” and “folate”, think “foliage” as a reminder :slight_smile: