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Morning all,

Hope you’re having good days. Hooray the sun is shining - about time! Problem is it makes me want to sit in beer garden and get drunk…but that’s another question!

Quick question…I had mastectomy and full node clearance in March. Having chemo at the mo, but am generally (touch all wooden things) feeling ok on this drug. I have been swimming and am doing a beginner’s yoga thing (very badly).

But…don’t want to put myself at risk of lymphodema so how much too much, does anyone know? I am stretching at yoga, but can I do the exercises where I take some weight on my bad arm ie hands and feet on ground, shoulder stand etc? I dont’ want to be kidding myself I’m doing good and then discover have been silly girl!

Thanks as always for your help
L xx

Hi Lizalou

I too do yoga…of to a session in a minute, I was advised by my surgeon not to do weight bearing exercises until treatment was over, so I’m not doing Plank or Dog etc.

BTW…I hate to rain on your parade but do you know that swimming is not advised during chemo, because of risk of infection. I would just get the yes from your Onc that it is ok to do so.


Thanks Fushcia - so perhaps after treatment plank and dog will be alright? I kind of lie there and hum a bit while everyone does things that look very hard! Did you have your nodes whipped out too?

My onc has told me that this set of drugs ( I had 3 FEC and am now having 12 taxol) are a bit less immuno suppressant that the others so I should be ok with swimming and stuff, but am only going once a week…and do feel a bit naughty about it. Also found out that am not meant to go in saunas and things too…so many rules to remember!!

Thanks for your help - happy stretching ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


That is great that you can go swimming, it must feel lovely to get into the water on sunny days like today.

yes, I had my nodes out, so very anxious that this arm doesn’t ‘seize up’ as it were. As soon as I finish treatment, I will restart the weight bearing asanas…although my teacher has given me a ‘half dog’ pose to do. The cat poses are OK to do, as there is not too much weight on the hands. There is also a modified sun salutation that can be done without the plank and dog. AS for being not very good at beginners yoga, no one is when they start, even double jointed people so don’t worry…I promise you that those hamstrings will stretch with time !!! Ouch !!!