Follow up after biopsies

Hi, am curious about if you have had biopsies for further investigation following mammogram and get an all clear, do you go back to regular mammogram recall or do you have to have annual mammogram follow ups? Asking because a friend had clear biopsie result this time last year and wondered if she has to have them annually now? Wanted to offer support if she has to have another this year as she has supported me through my journey here. (Dont want to bring unnecessary thoughts back to her if dont need to)?

Hi LynR,

Thank you for posting on our Forum. Hopefully one of our members will be along soon - in the meantime you might want to ask this question in the Ask Our Nurses section too where our experts can offer advice. 

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Helena at Breast Cancer Care

Hi Lyn, I’m sorry your post has been missed.


If you get the all clear following a biopsy unless they have a specific reason to want to do any further tests then generally you are discharged from the clinic and back in to the normal 3 yearly screening program. 

This certainly happened to a relative and a close friend of mine. X 

Hi Jobey68 many thanks for your reply good to know. Will not mention to her, like i said unnecessary thoughts and alm that xx