Follow-up checks after treatment

I was diagnosed with BC last July. Had the full works (chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy). Had my first check-up with oncol. this week (first i’d been at the clinic since before radiotherapy in Feb). Was surprised how quick i was in and out the room.

A quick exam. Asked how i felt then pretty much got told see you in 3 months. Would only have been in for 5 mins if i hadn’t asked a few questions. Had to ask about any follow up mammogram i might get as had nothing since before i was diagnosed.

Good job i asked. Now got a follow-up appoint with surgeon to organise scan. Reckon it will be a breast MRI scan as cos i’m just 31 a mammogram might not show much.

What follow-up and timescales has everyone else had? My treatment finished in March and i thought i would’ve had some sort of scan pretty much straight away after this!


I was told they dont do mammo or u.s. till 6 mnths after treatment to let tissue settle down and to avoid radiation overload

I was diagnosed last august and finished rads in december 2006. Have been for my 3 monthly checks which alternate between oncologist and surgeon. Next appointment is with surgeon in august and i’m told he will advise when to have mammo. Onc has recommended mri scan instead as i still have alot of inflammation on affected side and a mammo would be virtually impossible!!!

whoops hit the wrong button!! have been told that they don’t usually do scans/mammo’s till 12 month after but i suppose it varies wherever you are!!