follow up from last nights special live chat Talking with children

Last night on the Live Chat I said I would post the weblinks of the sites we mentioned, they are;
this site is where children can talk with other kids in a similar situation
Another website where children can talk with others whose parent has been affected by cancer
this charity provides special days for patients and their families aged 16-40 who are affected by cancer
And this one does the same thing for the over 40’s
Winston’s wish is the charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children when a parent has died, they also give advise an support to those facing the death of a parent.

Thank you again to all of you who joined us last night

Best wishes
Clinical Nurse Specialist
aka Ellie last night!!

Thanks alot - have clearly lost plot on dates (!) so will look at these,


Thank you for posting those details - it was moving so fast last night I didn’t have time to jot the details down !!

Thank you for also giving us the opportunity to discuss our concerns and feelings in a safe environment amongst Mums who fully understand where each of us is coming from. I haven’t worded that well but hope you understand what I am trying to say…mixture of Steroids and Chemo !!!

Jetty x

PS KatherineM - know what you mean I tried to log on Tuesday night was ready for a good old chat and wondered why nothing was happening (hee hee).

thanks for that. Could you also post the memory books and authors that we were also discussing?

Hi just to say the willow foundation is definitely worth looking into, my husband, myself and youngest son had a special weekend in londom and the whole weekend is something we all will never forget. It was a real stepping stone for me as well, as it put the last year full of treatment into perspective and i feel as though i have stepped into the future