Follow up, sleight of hand?

Follow up, sleight of hand?

Follow up, sleight of hand? Diagnosed and treated 2004 have had two mammograms in the first quarter or 2005 & 2006. Saw my onc this winter, he booked an apptmt to see me in May 2007 and said something about arranging my next mammogram then.

I can count, it appears to me that I’ve been not so subtly moved from 12 monthly mammos to 18 monthly, has this happened to anyone else? Are some cost savings involved? I live in Herts if that’s any help.

I’m 43 so there’s plenty of time for the darned thing to come back. Reading Susan Love’s book 12 monthly mammos are recommended as follow up, I guess my onc is due a letter…


same for me I finished chemo and radio at end of December and was told that I would get a mammogram every 18 months. Didn’t know that 12 monthly was the norm elsewhere. Wonder if the guidance has changed on this. Incidentally not heard of the Susan Love book - sounds like one I need to read…

Hi Clariana My hospital only does a follow-up mammo every 2 years - but they ‘forgot’ to arrange mine last September, and it took me until 5th January to get one. They claim that too many mammograms can cause breast cancer - I don’t know what to believe…

Mammogram follow up frequency I wonder whether BCC could assist us on this one, what is best practice?


Follow up mammograms Dear all
Thankyou for your query regarding best practice for follow up mammograms.

You will be able to discuss your query with the staff on our helpline on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm who will be able to give you the latest available information regarding best practice for follow up mammograms.

Alternatively, our ‘Ask the Nurse’ team of information nurses will also be able to help you with this information. You can access this service via our homepage.

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Nottingham City Hospital has done the opposite; until this year mammograms were every 2 years, and and from now on they will be annual.

annual I go to Fairfield Hospital in Bury, which is linked with the Christie’s Hospital for cancer care, and have been told I will have an annual mammogram.

UK Guidelines Thank you for your participation in the chat forums. We appreciate that coming from different parts of the UK you will find there may be differences in practices at your different hospitals. The reason why it would appear that routine mammographic follow-up in your hospitals is so varied may be the fact that there are no established guidelines as to the ideal frequency of these mammograms. The current UK guidelines from the Royal College of Radiologists suggest routine mammograms every 1-2 years. If any of you have concerns about the length of time between each mammogram it may be helpful for you to discuss this with either your breast care nurse or breast specialist.

Hope this helps.

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I’m a patient at the Royal Marsden in London under Professor Smith, who is Professor of Cancer Medicine, member of the NCRI Breast Cancer Study Group, he is a member of numerous international societies including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the British Association for Cancer Research and the European Society of Mastology. He has published over 370 scientific papers and chapters in the field of oncology and lectures widely in Europe and the US.
He tells me that I will need to be seen and have a mammogram annually for the rest of my life.
If he says that’s the way it is, then I trust him and believe that he knows what he is saying.