Follow up to DLA & Work question-can I ask another ?


Thank you to you all for giving much appreciated advice on whether you can still claim DLA and work, which seems to be YES. Life feels so complicated sometimes!

Can I ask those of you who worked whilst claiming DLA -did you inform DLA of your return to work?

Thanks again


Hi Debbie - As I wasn’t off work when I claimed, and had the same job from then on until last year when my contract finished, I didn’t inform the DWP of anything about my work, except whatever might have been on their DLA application form (so long ago I’ve forgotten if this is in the form).

As far as I understand it, the circumstances they need to be informed about are (a) any changes in your ability to look after yourself at home, and/or any changes in your mobility, (b) if you go into hospital or a care home, and (c) if you go out of the country for a certain length of time. You might be reassured by having a chat with your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau if you’re concerned about your contining entitlement to DLA – they have a degree of expertise in dealing with state benefit issues, and will offer you confidential information, advice and/or advocacy.

Marilyn x