follow ups with oncologist

How often should i get follow ups with my oncologist.Have not seen him for two years.I have never had a bone or body scan only a breast mri. I still have  not received my mammogram for this year usually have it in july.     I have now been sent an appointment with my surgeron

It seems to be different depending on where in the country you are & whether privately treated or NHS


I was treated privately & I see the oncologist once a year and the consultant once a year - they try to see me 6 months apart from each other.


I also have a mammo once a year.


I can’t remember for how many years they do this before returning to the usual check up routines.


i would definitely chase up your mammo as this should be annual for at least 5 yrs following treatment end.


best of luck x

NHS is usually the surgeon once a year and not the oncologist, at least in this area. And it’s usually at the same time as the mammogram. For a couple of years then back to normal after that.