For diane1w

Hi…I just read somewhere here you were looking for trials taking place in the UK.
Wondered if you’d already seen the trials on the CRUK site? Apologies if you already know about them but just in case…here’s the link…Belinda. x
Ooops sorry the link’s not posting correctly but if you go to the page and click on ‘‘narrow your search’’ you’ll be able access them from there.

Thanks Belinda

I know that we can source trials via the site you mentioned, however that is only trials carried out by cancer research, the drugs companies etc also carryout trials. I feel it would be beneficial if we had a part in the site where we could log any trials we were familiar with.


Hi there,

If you look at the drug companies specific sites, they list trials they are carrying out and what stage they are at. They also usually have a list of ‘pipeline’ drugs they are looking at. Of course, these drugs still have to go through clinical testing and NICE approval before they get to us.