for gendy's girls

Hi Al, Kim, Jo, Deb, Julie and Karen

have managed to figure out the internet whilst in my hospital bed although the key pad is tiny so wont be a long message as it hurts to type.

hope you are all ok. i am in isolation as im neutropenic again. pain is terrible too, havent got it under control yet, will text you all later but wanted to say hi…

speak later love Jak


I know your message isnt meant for me, but I always read your posts and hope your feeling better soon, I was neutropenic twice on chemo, it so boring being isolated. Wishing you well and hope they sort out your pain control soon.



Hi Jakki,
What a lovely suprise to hear from you. I certainly didn’t expect to see you posting today!

Hope they sort the pain out for you.

I am off to Yorkshire later and not returning until late Wednesday this week. I will be taking my laptop just incase I can find an internet connection, but if not, I’ll keep in touch with text messages.

Take care of yourself

Hi Jakki,

I hope you will be feeling better soon and that the pain will soon be under control. You know I read all your posts and I was so sorry to hear that you are in hospital. Looking forward to hearing better news very soon.

Love, Margaret x

Hi Jakki,
I know this isn’t for me either but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you’re in hospital. Hope you’re feeling better and they let you out asap.
You haven’t got chicken pox have you?
Claire x

oh my goodness, i rarely pop on here anymore.
i saw gendys girls and thought i know that name!!!
how thick am i.

glad to hear you’re still finding time to think of us. sorry to hear that they’ve put you ‘away’ again, but glad that you’re making the most of the facilities.

have they had a look at your other aches and pains while you’re there?

wish i could do something.

sending big slobbery strawberry cheesecake hugs and kisses
al x

Jakki hun, I’m soo sorry you’re in hospital. I’m glad I got to speak to you today. Really hope they get your pain under control and you’ve had your scans this afternoon. I wanted to call in and see you but didn’t know whether you would be allowed visitors because of the neutropenia.

Hope you have sometime nice for tea, your lunch sounded diabolical!!

I’m thinking of you hun and sending you a huge hug.

Loads of love Jo xxxxx

Hi Jakki,

Been thinking of you all day. Glad you managed to figure the internet out. Sorry to hear they’re serving you rubbish food.
I will ring you later can’t remember what the visiting times are so will try around 9. I presume only close family are allowed to visit.
Really hope they’re sorting your pain out now.

We miss your emails Jak.

Speak soon
Loads of love

Hi Jakki, so sorry you are back in hospital.
Do hope they sort your pain out pretty soon, and they get to the root of it all.

Guess you are only allowed a few visitors at the moment, do let us know if that changes.
We are missing you.
Thinking of you and sending a big hug your way,
Lots of love, Julie xxx

Jak Hi

So sorry your in hospital, how rotten for you…
I have been a bit worried as i havnt heard from you for a while, but ive had problems with
my lap top and it had to go in for repair, thought it may have eaten up an email off you…
Didnt like to email you again incase you wanted some peace and quiet…

Hope you improve soon hun and can get back home, sounds like you need a nice big
fat choccy cream cake as soon as you feel well enough…

big hug and thinking of you

Oh Jak,
So sorry to hear that you are in hospital. Hope that they get your pain sorted. Wish i was closer so i could pop round and see you and make sure that they are taking good care of you. Really got quite a fright yesterday as i didn’t get the post from Kim as my email was playing up and then i saw all these replies about you in hosp. I think i aged years from the worry!!! Jak, have they done an ultrasound because you could have a clot in that arm??? Clots are very common with people on chemo because the chemo drugs make your blood cells more sticky. I have a bout with clots when i was on chemo. Mine were in my neck and shoulder veins so very painful and couldn’t lift my head or shoulder. Please ask them about this Jak.
I am sending you loads of choccy cheesecake hugs.
Stay strong my friend and remember that we all love ya loads
love and hugs from over the pond

Sorry, i forgot to send love and hugs to Al,Kim, Helen, Julie, and Deb along with the ones i sent to you Jak,
Will pop on again tomorrow and see how everyone is. I am working late shift so will post when i come home.
However, will try to get on the internet at work tomorrow and see how Jak is feeling during the day.
must dash

Hiya Ladies
Just thought i would pop on and see how Jak is? Fingers and toes crossed for some good news.
Thinking of you all.
love and hugs

Hello All,

Jakki’s asked me to say Hi to you all. She’s tried to put a post on here but it’s not letting her do it.
I’ve emailed you girls.

Hope you get out as soon as they’ve sorted the pain out Jak. When you’re feeling better we’ll go out for some decent food!

We miss you.

Loads of love to you all and a great big gentle hug for Jakki.


Hi Girls,
Just popped in to see if there’s any news of Jakki?
I’ve been thinking of her and hoping she’s on the mend and back home soon.
Claire x

Hi Jak,

Hope you get to read this. I’m sending you big hugs. I really hope your pain is easing a little and you’re managing to get some rest. stay strong hun.

Loads of love xxxx

Hi everyone who knows Jakki through this site. She remains in hospital in a lot of pain. She asked me to post a message on her behalf. She is feeling very scared right now, naturally.
She had her bone scan yesterday, she is awaiting her blood results today to see if there has been any signs of improvement.
I’m sending lots of love and prayers her way as I’m sure you all are.
Hurry home Jakki, if you do manage to read this , we miss you.

Love and hugs, Julie x


If you can get to read this…im thinking of you loads hun…

Wish i was nearer and could come see you,hope they get your pain under control asap…
miss talking to you.

Kim, Helen,Karen and Julie thanks for the updates,if you go to
see Jak please send her my love,i am going to text her in a bit.


i’ve been to see jak this afternoon.
she’s still awaiting the proper results from her bone scan. she’s on antibiotics for a sore throat and they’ve just put her on a drip
she’s still in pain with the arm which still doesn’t have an explanation.
i hope that they will give her some neupogen injections but it’s not the hospital’s policy to give them…

generally she’s looks ace and is in good spirits…and is a damn fine actress!!

i told her that everyone send her love and she’s very grateful…

al x

Thanks Al for keeping us updated on how Jak is doing. Fingers crossed for some good news from the bone scan results. Hope to hear that Jak’s pain is sorted and that she is feeling stronger and is home.
We all miss her and hope that she will be home soon
hugs for all