please can anyone tell me if they have had two local recurrance in ten months, i am so stressed i had nodules last sept removed cancer cells from oringinal dx now i have 3 more nodules appeared again not sure what they sre yet but seeing surgeon next thurs.

so stressed right now

Hi Lollypop, so sorry you are feeling stressed at the moment, you have had a rough time just recently, I can’t help with your query but wanted to offer some support , I am a little behind you with treatment and worry all the time that it will come back ,
Sending you a very big hug.

thankyou so much tillybob,
it means so much when people reply i am worried but nice to hear that people are concerned that we dont know after all we are all in this together fighting this horrible disease/

hope you are feeling well today xx

Hi Lollypop, I am feeling really well at the moment,Thanks.
just bumping this up for you.

Yes I have had two local recurrences! I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer from start in Nov 2010-spread to bones. Chemo worked really well and shrank everything but then when I stopped the chemo I had a local recurrence in the primary site of the breast. Went on Xeloda for a couple of months which kept it stable but did not shrink it then had 5 weeks of rads which so far have shrunk it slightly and kept it stable.

I now have three lumps that have come up in my other breast so going to start rads to this one now. Apart from that my bones are stable.

Hope this gives you reassurance that you are not the only one.


hi newyork,
its nice to read that i am not alone, it does not help because they are saying it does happen but its rare because are had ammediate recon, i had some nodules appear on my recon 3 months ago, i had them removed, did not need any further treatment, showed NED after, but now three months later, some more nodules on reconm + lump in the muscle with was cancerous, now told chest wall reccurrance, so now having chemo in a couple of or so, ct on monday and hoping its clear, then after surgery. best wishes to you a thankyou for replying
lorraine x

Love your name lollipop!

I hope it is going okay for you. I am currently undergoing radiotherapy for my other recurrence and just hoping it will hold it at bay as like you I am sick of it keeping popping up it just will not stay away.

I haven’t had surgery just the radiotherapy. Do keep in touch and let me know how you go always good to know that someone is going through a similar situation and you arent alone.


hi charlotte,
thanks its not a very common name, anyway my chemo starts next, wed seeing my onc on tues for bloods to be done and results of ct scan hoping no spread + result of muga scan, not looking forward to chemo but it is a must hope you are feeling ok.
nice to speak to someone that are simulier situation to me, hope you are ok.
best wishes
lorraine x x