For LorraineF re Radiotherapy

For LorraineF re Radiotherapy

For LorraineF re Radiotherapy Hello Lorraine,

I have been reading your posts with interest, especially the one “Am I in denial?” I felt exactly as you did after diagnosis, to be honest, I had waited so long since mammo at the end of November 2006 when the radiographer’s face told the whole story, to eventual WLE and lymph node exision on 15 January that it didn’t really surprise me when they told me it was cancer. Grade 3 was a bit of a shock but after leaving consultation went straight out with my daughter to choose her wedding dress!

Regarding radiotherapy, the usual wait is 4 to 6 weeks to allow for healing and for any build up of serous fluid in the armpit and the breast to settle. I waited 8 weeks in the end because I fall into the catchment area of the Christie Hospital and was told that patients are queuing for treatment.

I am about half way through now and haven’t really had any problems with my skin just a bit of heat and reddening for which I was given hydrocortisone cream. However, the daily three hour round trip is exhausting and I need a nap when I get back. I notice you are in a rural area and hope that your journey is not so tiring.

Lollypop xx