for maggierg

Only just read your post,will be thinking of you tomorrow,mine is on the 25th…all the best from reading all the other mail from Diep ladies ,they def dont regret having it done so we must be making the right decision ! Sending you lots of healing hugs,love Debs

Hi Debs,

Just read your post. I got out of hospital last night (nine days). No pain just indignities, discomfort and complete loss of energy! The end result makes it all worthwhile. Even the sports bra and girdle thing that I have to wear 24/7 for the next 6 weeks. I am delighted with my result.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Maybe we can swop recovery stories when you get out! Love Maggie

Hello Maggierg,

How are you? 9 days in hospital wow you must be glad to be at home! So glad its all over for you and you are so pleased that makes me feel comforted I am off to Salisbury 2 weeks today for a DIEP on the 8th October go in the night before.
I was diagnosed in 2002 and had an immediate LD reconstruction as it was recommended at the time followed by chemo and radio.Everthing was fine for a while until I got capsular contracture.My boob looked awful painful and was moving across my chest.I had a new implant last year but sadly it didn’t work.Its worse than ever so was told I had 2 choices either have a mastectomy or Diep or Tram as using my own tissue was the way it would work.
I am only 40 and have 3 kids and while I do not have the perfect body I still want to look like a women!
Very scared ,I have a friend who lives in somerset who had the same surgeon as mine so thats a comfort.She is over the moon.
How did you feel for the first couple of days? Did you wear a hospital gown or your own?Is the pain relief good? You take it easy and get plenty of rest Love Amanda

Hi Amanda, Can’t lie, first couple of days were rough but I kept looking at my new cleavage/flat stomach and smiling. I wore a hospital gown until I was up and walking around as they are much cooler in the heat of the HDU. I can honestly say I was never in any pain, just discomfort. I didn’t need the morphine drip and got by on paracetamol and diclofenac. Once I got home I didn’t need anything.

You seem to have had a difficult time with your past reconstructions and I hope this one works well for you. When I was diagnosed almost two years ago I was told I could not have immediate reconstruction as it was almost certain I would need chemo and radio. Then I had to wait for herceptin to finish. For two years I could not bear to look in mirror but now I can!

Hope your op goes well and you can “feel like a woman” again soon.

Lots of cyber hugs, Maggie