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For Mole

For Mole Dear Mole

Please don’t berate yourself for not having children. I had two, breastfed them both forever, and still got this shitty disease.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. We just have to try and cope as best we can.


— I agree Mole — Thin, excercised regularly, never smoked, don’t even drink at Christmas, had three miscarriages very young (apparently this counts as having giving birth), breastfed for 12 months and still got this awful disease…

This is why I feel we should push more for prevention in the media, and all these ideas which crop up - such as pollution, insecticides, etc. should be researched thoroughly.

Joy xxx

So did I … breastfeed all three of mine for nearly a year each.
As well as pollution, insecticides etc. it could be …

TRAUMA (I had head-on car smash 18 months prior diagnosis)
GEOPATHIC STRESS (I live in a village between two motorways and quarries in the area so the underground has been considerably distressed by all that excavating)

Judy xxx

Joy I am interested in what you said about a miscarriage counting as a birth and protecting against breast cancer. I had a miscarriage when I was very young and subsequently read a reputable research article which said such miscarriages virtually gave life-long protection against breast cancer. I XXXXXXX wish…

Best wishes

Kathelinor Sorry to be so ignorant but what on earth or under it (lol) is Geopathic Stress? How can it influence whether we develop breast cancer or not?

Best wishes

—Same here —I have never smoked, drink very little, had two children both of which I breast fed till they were 6 months, in fact should be in perfect health, I’m not even overweight.

So where all these theories come from on how to avoid getting breast cancer I don’t know.

The day someone knows what causes it maybe we will be close to a cure, roll on that day.


Roisin Firstly, look for it on the internet - that will describe it far better than I can. However, as far as I understand it, major disturbance of the earth as in excavations for motorways etc. result in (and you’re gonna love this, 'cos it sounds New Age!) streams of negative energy running through the ground deep down. Research has shown that people who suffer cancers, longterm illnesses etc. often have geopathic stress lines running under their property and more often than not there will be a line running under the position of their bed or favourite armchair (anywhere they spend a lot of time).

I dowsed our house for it and found one such line on my side of the bed (so I’ve moved out to the back bedroom! Husband snores as well so that was a major factor in the decision too!!).

That’s it in a nutshell but do look it up. It’s fascinating but quite frightening.

Judy xxx

I’m the same… Had two children, breastfed, gave up smoking 25 years ago, fit, not (too) fat, drink very little, no HRT or pill, diet rich in veggies and fruit, no history…So where did I go wrong?

Please don’t be disheartened. I’d be very surprised if there were any serious evidence to support the hypothesis and you’re too knowledgeable, articulate and considered to let it get you down.

Next we’ll be reading that wearing (or not as the case may be) red shoes can give you breast cancer.


Risk factors and evidence When something is a risk factor it doesn’t mean that everyone with that risk gets the cancer, nor does it necessarily explain the causal relationship between the risk factor and the cancer.

So yes there is evidence that not having children and not breast feeding is a risk factor for breast cancer (evidence because stuides have shown that in large groups of women more of those without children and who didn’t breast feed are going to get breast cancer than of those who did have children and breast feed.) It doesn’t mean that people with children who breast feed won’t get breast cancer: of course they do. Sometimes a risk makes a small but still statistically significant difference, sometimes it is a very big risk factor (as with smoking and lung cancer.)

With breast cancer all the risk factors are not known nor understood.

There is no evidence whatsoever that trauma from accidents or ‘geopathic stress’ are risk factors in breast cancer.

I didn’t have children and understand this this may have contributed to my risk factors, as did my drinking. Mind you risk factors for triple negative breast cancer are even less understood than er+ and pr+ ones. .I’m not berating myself about either…its just simply the case.


Kathelinor Thanks for the info. I currently live on top of an old coal mine which was sealed off in the 1970’s. I’ve moved around the UK constantly though and I don’t know what was under all the other places I’ve lived in. As cancer starts many years before it is noticeable I guess it would be impossible to say that the geophysic stresses caused it in my case even if it were a proven cause of bc and I take JaneRAs point that it might not be. Thanks for your help. It just sounded really interesting.

Best wishes

— Roisin — I used to live in 300 year old cottage with a stream running underneath it. When we had a damp course put in, we had to have something called electro-osmosis because of the density of the cottage walls. It is a wire (excuse my non-technical terminology!!!) which runs all round the house without a break and the electricity coming up out of the ground, which was excessive apparently due to the stream (don’t understand that, maybe someone else can explain), is sort of re-conducted back into the ground and it keeps the damp away… Anyway, what I am coming to every house in the lane had someone die of cancer in it, and many women with breast cancer. At the time I thought it strange, but was under the misunderstanding ‘it can’t happen to me’…

I know it may just be coincidence but it does make you think.

Joy xxx