For mrsbabs

For mrsbabs

For mrsbabs Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to say hello and hope that everything went well for you on the 26th.
I haven’t had a chance to borrow a pc to access the other site so apologies if you’ve posted me. I can’t access the site from work for some reason, perhaps I need to get my own pc at some point!

I do hope you’re okay and when I’m back from hols, will try and post you so that we can catch up on things.

Bye for now and all the very best,

Hi Beth,
Thanks for posting. I was in hospital overnight and was discharged on Tuesday. The op took a little longer, I asked the plastic surgeon for symmetry so she revised the shape of my good side as well, which would have matched the reconstructed side if I hadn’t experienced problems. I’m ok, sore and not sleeping too well- lying on my back and not moving very much is uncomfortable. My breasts are covered with dressings which will be changed next Monday but I can tell that the lumpy scar tissue has been removed. The plastic surgeon said that I may want a further op to improve the match but I was a bit groggy and didn’t ask for clarification- I’ll find out on Monday.
Going in for an op is bizarre though, even if you want the change it will bring. The anaethetist was chatting to me as he was getting me ready- same one as for my DIEP, about running on grass as opposed to tarmac, blah, blah. While I’m conversing with him he is inserting the canula into the back of my hand and the loud thought that pops into my head is: “It’s not too late to make a run for it…Steve has probably just got to the carpark…” Classic adrenaline response- fight or flight- don’t know what my husband would have made of it, me flagging down the car, hospital gown a-flappin’…
Thanks for your good wishes.
Love from Barbara xxx

Hi Barbara,
I hope it is all sorted to your satisfaction. I felt a huge relief after my revision of scar tissue. Not perfect, but better than it was.
x Helen