For my fellow Diep friends

I just wanted to wish all those who have chatted on here with me A very happy healthy new year! My memory for names is terrible so will hav to get my diary out.I had my Diep on september 25th which all seems like a dream now & I havent been on here for ages which must be a sign Im getting back to normal lol.Wishing everyone on here an etxra special 2009.Best wishes Debs

Hi Debs, I had my tram a couple of weeks before you. Although the helplessness and discomfort are distant memories I can’t put it to the back of my mind as I soon have to make a decision about whether to have the other side lifted and augmented to match. Could I stand another (albeit shorter) hospital stay?

Hope you too have a great 2009. Maggie.

Dear Maggie…its the same for me,I see my surgeon on the 20th and he will be asking me what I want to do next,my new boob is still quite alot bigger and def not perfect but isnt great to forget our yucky chicken fillets lol,Debs

Hi Debzz
Thanks for the new year wishes - I had my op same day as yours! Am doing fine but also need some tweaking as new boob def bigger than the other which I had reduced last Feb. Am waiting for appt to see surgeon. Keep us up to date with your news and I will mine.

Hope we all have a great 2009 xx