For the third time, a new adventure. Care to join me ???

I have chosen the title because of an amazing bunch of ladies that supported me through treatment before, and continue to support me, I am 1 of the the original Emabarking and Adventuring ladies
In November 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through many operations, chemo and rads. april 2011 diagnosed again, double mx and now been diagnosed again.
No treatment plan yet but am sure as hell going to fight. Would be fantastic to share highs and lows with other ladies.
Anyone care to join me ??


Dear Karen
I’m not sure how much use I’m going to be as I’m new to the whole thing, but if it is of any help, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder and help you fight and give you all the support you need. Take care. Cress xxx

Hi Karen,
I’m the same as Cress,just awaiting Chemo, but as she said hope I can be of some support, and that you know we are here as and when you need us.
Take Care

Karen how awful. Please know I’m thinking of you and everyone else anxoiusly awaiting test and treatment plans. I just heard yesterday that I have a fourth cancer, three of which are breast cancers.
I had Rx for Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1990.
Then surgery for a tiny DCIS in 2004 and 5 years Tamoxifen
2cm triple negative Grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma found May 2012 - WLE and FEC-T (no Rx as had max dose in 1990)
Had my first surveillance mammogram/ultrasound two weeks ago found new 6x9mm mass. Got the biopsy results yesterday which show invasive triple negatiove cancer again. Just when I thought I was getting better. Still not over the fatigue from last year’s chemo - so very anxious about CT scan planned for Monday will it show cancer elsewhere… Will probably need MX now. Am very scared, I have to fight it, but all feels horribly inevitable when this b****rd disease keeps on coming back.
Stay strong, and i will try to too.

Hi Karen
I have just had 2nd dx first time was 2011 left breast had WLE Chemo Rads. Have surgery booked for 5th June this time in right breast. I am still getting my head round it coming back for the 2nd time so I can imagine how awful it must be for you having it for a third time!

Hi Karen
I have had BC twice right side 14 years ago and this time left side. Both times has been Tn but turns out I have BRCA 1 mutation. Now had bilateral mx.

Have you go it back in breast this time Karen ?

Really feel for you as I know it was hard the second time let alone 3rd. I know there are a few on here that have had it 3 times and I am sure they will be along soon to offer their support.

Take care Wendy x x

Cress, Faye, Jane, Jill and Wendy.
Hi to you all and thank you for your responses.
I have a 2.5cm tumour in my right auxila and the ct scan showed 3 further tumours in my left chest wall. I had to have a pet scan as can’t have biopsies of the tumours in my chest wall as too close to my heart. Still waiting for the results before I can get a treatment plan. Pretty fed up as was re-diagnosed 5 weeks ago :frowning:
Cress and Faye, keeping everything crossed for you for your journies. Here for you if you need a shoulder or a rant. It can be very scary and lonely at times.
Jane I totally understand what you say about it feeling inevitable.So unfair to be going through it for a 4th time. When I had my MRI scan the radiographer said " you have to be realistic as this is the 3rd time" Not want I wanted to hear !!
Jill so sorry to hear you are going through this again. Hope the surgery goes well next week.
Wendy I really thought with having a double mx i couldn’t come back yet again but was so wrong !!
Love to you all
K x

HI Karen et al
Had surgery Wed all went well came home same day. Quite sore and swollen dont remember it being this sore last time! Got dressing clinic appt on Wed this week then results week after.
Jane sorry to hear of your recent dx 4 times is the pits!!
Wendy my BS suggested getting tested for the faulty gene although he doesn’t think I have it. I may go down that route when get this sorted.
Karen hope you have good results do you know when you will have some sort of plan?

Take Care

Jill xxx