for withthehelpoffriends

for withthehelpoffriends

for withthehelpoffriends Hello again W.! How are you doing? I’m still thinking about you and sending a never ending spuuly of cyberhugs. Loads of love from P xx

HI! Just logged on quickly because I have had a manic week, and haven’t had chance to catch up with you. Just getting ready for dentist, so will speak to you tonight, after my late night shopping spree with my niece! We are shopping for a pressie for her mum. rying to get into Christmas mode.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, you have been in my mind this week,I hope you are ok.
Speak later.

Great! Hi W!

It’s just great to know you are feeling well enough to do Christmas shopping! Hope you didn’t begger yourself?

Have you been into ChitChatand Fun to catch up with Cathy’s jokes? They’re always good for a giggle.

Love and laughter from P. xx

HI P! Thought I would log on to find out how things are going with mum. You haven’t mentioned her for a while. Have you been to see her again?

Have been awake since 4am, thinking about all the things I need to do if Christmas is going to happen this year. With 2 teenage boys, that just wake up and expect everything on a plate, it means its left to me to organise. Have rearranged the lounge furniture to accomodate the Christmas tree, but no tree yet!

Not alot of news really, just plodding alone, same old problems.

Gor annual check up now for January, ( 17 months later!), so that hopefully will give some piece of mind.

Today will be a day of Sainsburys, housework. card delivery, and collecting my two nieces from school! Not alot of me time at this time of year is there!

Perhaps I’ll sneak off to the gym over Christmas when I feel the need to escape, it will be cheaper, and quieter than the sales!!

Take care


Nice to see you, to see you …! Hi W.

I always get excited when I see a message for me - thanks! It’s like the postman calling.

Mom is still hanging on in there, thank you for asking. I really appreciate that. My sister, who is very much a born-again Christian, was told by the nurses than Mom needed to just let go now, so she told her to relax because Jesus was there to take her back to his home.

Mom replied that she didn’t want to go to his home thank you very much, she wanted to go back to her own home so there!

The medics all think she is dying and cannot recover now but I’m not convinced. I’m going down to see her again at the weekend. Keep those roads clear for me.

I love the way that your idea of me-time is to go to the gym. When I used to go, it was always packed with heaving smelly throngs, so I used to do a quick 20 min routine and then sneak off to the spa area for my idea of me-time. I really miss that spa…

Did I ever post you details of another site I tried called “mood gym”? It’s another mood-altering interactive site but much more user-friendly than the other one because it’s aimed at young people. I am only a kid inside so it suits me fine, Plus it’sanother free course you work at at your own pace with no deadlines and it’s Australian and I’m very much into Australians with Cathy posting her jokes every day on Chit chat and fun. Have you been there to read them? I love them and her for taking the trouble when she’s got so much on her plate.

So it’s you and me both for January then? My appointment for my second opinion is the 24th. When is your check-up? Are you keeping well?

As for Christmas, we’ve suddenly got a houseful with most of the family deciding to come here after all so we’re dashing around trying to get organised but, like yourself, I’m finding the crowds of last-minute shoppers a nightmare so I’ve done some shopping on-line. This computer world is really great fun for me - I find new things I can do with it every day. My friends complain that I rarely contact them since I’ve had a computer, except by email. It isn’t just that of course, it’s the breast problem, Mom, and now Hubby’s brother who is still running into complications following his hemicolectocomy for colon cancer. There is so much toing and froing going on.

Hope you find time to post me again and that you manage to cope with your single-handed efforts - can’t you try bribery and corruption? It worked well on my family…

Sending you lots of happy hugs to make you feel like walking around with a smile on your face all day - a great big Cheshire cat grin should do it. Get em all worried about you for a change!

Love and laughter from P. xx

HI Just a quick catch up!

My check up is for 15th January. It will be 15 months since I went into the Breast Unit, and I’m sure it will make me feel as sick as it always did.

Really into Christmas mode now, loadsa red wine going down well!!

Finished work. Just got 1 more trip to town, and then hit tesco!!
Had my friends two kids today cos she was working, and got my friends two boys overnight tomorrow. They are 6 and 3 and don’t sleep past 5am!! Should be fun!!

Had job interview Tuesday, but didn’t get it! To be honest I didn’t know if I wanted it cos the money was terrible! I am a believer in fate!!

Hope things Ok with you.

Take care and try and have a good a CHristmas as possible.

Philenoma HI!

I write because I have been looking at the other posts, and realise that your mum has passed away. I asked you in my prvious post how she was, and obviously that is out of date now.

I am thinking of you lots, and know a little of what you must be going through.

Christmas will prove to be the distraction you need. Try and have a good time, and remember, all those beautiful memories will help you in the coming days and months.

I can’t really say a whole lot more, because it stirs up too many painful memories. Just wanted to know you are in my thoughts.