Forced menopause

Has anyone else undergone either radiotherapy or injections to induce menopause? I’m 53 and have just finished 5 years of tamoxifen and my oncologist has given me a blood test to see if I am pre or post menopausal. (Still pre as it happens!) My apparent options are radiotherapy to “blast my ovaries” or injections with a very long needle (I’m a coward) to induce menopause followed by Arimidex for ? years… But what happens then? Am I suddenly an old woman? Are there lots of side effects all at once? I’ve been having hot flushes and night sweats for a few years now (treated by a brilliant NHS homeopathic GP), plus am receiving treatment for mild osteoporosis. I have to make a choice soon but am uncertain which option to choose or whether to let nature take its course. Hope someone can help with some info/experiences. Thanks

Hi, I am not sure if “forced menopause” is what zoladex does, but I have the injecdtions once a month and was told that it was to force the menopause so i could take a drug called letrozole which is for post-menopausal women. i am only 46 years old and was still having periods until four months ago. The injections are really not so bad, and the side effects seem common to all these drugs ie. aching joints, and flushes. I suppose it is what is best for you. Good luck with your decision,.

I’m exactly the same… I have zoladex injections every 28 days to induce menopause and also take letrozole daily. I initially had zoladex to protect my ovaries during primary chemo aged 36 and have had it since secondary diagnosis aged 39 to induce menopause. I have hot flushes, night (and day) sweats, aching joints. Horrible sometimes but then I feel the alternative is worse.

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I am getting monthly injection of Zoladex and also taking daily tablet of Femara (letrozole) as I am pre menopause and my BC was oestrogen receptor positive. I am on radiotherapy at the moment and hopefully will get a date for a key hole operation to remove my ovaries soon. By the way I am 44, and have hot flushes, aching joints etc…but I am so looking forward to finishing these treatment and just hoping that all these medicine will help me getting rid of cancer cells and preventing it from coming back…All the best to you.x

Hi, I havent heard of the operation to remove the ovaries, when was this offered? I have only just completed chemo and had the mastectomy, am waiting for radiotherapy next week and am receiveing hormone therapy.

Hi jmarsha7,

The choice of having the key hole op to remove my ovaries was offered and discussed by my oncologist when she was discussing further treatment i.e radiotherapy and medicine after I had my mastectomy.x

Hi there
Well I am 54 as well and 4 yrs ago I was on Arimidex and Zoladex then my specialist suggested having radio therapy on my overies so that I could stop the Zoladex injections .
I agreed and had 5 rads in a week which were no problem and all I had was a very bad tummy for about 2 days at the end
I think it is well worth while having done so do ask about it
If you need any other info just let me know
Bye jANE

I’ve been reading this with interest as I’m just finishing chemo and will have rads and tamoxifen I’ve been told. The trouble is that I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago. I still have my ovaries but have no idea whether I’m still pre menopausal. I know I was about 18 months ago as my GP tested me.

Of course, I’m having the night sweats with the chemo and was told that it would bring on the menopause.I thought this was permanent. I’m 47 nearly 48.

By reading this thread, that doesn’t seem to be correct. Anyone know for sure?

I see my onc in 10 days so can ask him then but I know he isn’t the same person who will be giving me the rest of the treatment.

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I saw my onc on Tuesday for check up and asked whether he would be doing a hormone profile as have been having zolodex injections for 2.5 years and when I was started on them onc said after two years they would check if I was still producing oestrogen and if not could come off them.

He has now decided the best thing would be to have them removed by key hole surgery. Think I would prefer this but a little apprehensive as I have not had surgery since I was 11! Needless to say I havn’t had breast removed as have bone mets. Onc says nothing to it.

Denio x