Found a Lump confused after visit to GP

Found a lump 2 weeks ago went to doctors was expecting to be told it’s a cyst or fatty tissue, or if they didn’t know what it was maybe I would be sent for a mammogram or scan was shocked she said i needed a biopsy and would get an appointment within two weeks is it normal to go straight to a biopsy kinda worried.

treatment does differ in different NHS trusts but normally a gp referral to a breast clinic could involve mammogram/ultra scan/and or biopsy.   Its very good that your gp has referred you so quickly (some gps do fob ladies off) -  The breast teams are the experts and they will have a good ‘feel’ of the area and decide what (if anything) needs to be done - only 10% of those referred to breast teams turn out to be cancer so the stats are on your side. It is a worrying time waiting for tests/results but hopefully your appointment will be soon and then you will know for sure what it is - probably just a cyst like you say - but if it is worst case scenaria and it is cancer at least they have acted quickly and you will get the appropriate treatment.   xxxx