Found a lump, mum had cyst at same age, could this be the same?

Hi all


I found a lump about 2.5 weeks ago and have a mammogram booked for tomorrow.  I’m not sure if it is my lump that is moving or the area around it is moving over it.  Does that make sense? 


My mum had a cyst in her breast when she was my age (45), could it be the same thing?  I’m trying to be level headed about it all and managed to put it to back of my mind for a few days whilst on holiday last week but the nearer I am getting to the appt the more panic stricken I am feeling :frowning:


Think I am worrying myself over nothing

Hi, I totally understand and feel your worry.
I have been worry stricken and sick all weekend having had a recall letter and an appt this morning. 7th Sept.
I have been very lucky and am fine, my reason for writing was to reassure you how wonderful and kind the staff are. So understanding of our fears.
I wish I could answer your questions re your own circumstances and I know how hard waiting for that appt is. I wish you well for tomorrow and hope someone on here can answer you better.
You will be in good hands at the clinic. Xx