Found a lump....what next?

Hi all, I found a lump in my left breast on Thursday night. It’s not a perfectly round lump, more like a big bit of grissle and a bit tender when you touch/manipulate it. It’s quite big and you can grab it and move it a bit. I’m trying not to touch it/play with it much as it gets tender and my breast feels heavier/more tender. I have BC in my family, sister had DCIS and had a mastectomy and aunty died when diagnosed in her late 50’s.

I went to the docs the next morning and she examined me and has referred me to the breast clinic. She said I shouldn’t wait too long for an appt…not sure what that means?! So here I am playing the waiting game, trying to get on with things and convince myself that I’ve not got cancer.

Anyone know how long I’ll wait? Trying to stay positive but just want it all over and done with. :frowning:


hi nat am sure you will get an app within 2 wks think thats the rule now, some breast clinics are one stop and do everything on that day so you leave pretty much knowing the score, hope you get seen soon hugs xxx

Hi Natc

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. As well as the support you receive from the other users you might find it helpful to read the publication on referral to a breast clinic. If you would like a copy or to read this on-line just follow this link:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Natc, please try not to worry but do get it checked out. All I can add is what I have been told by GP, Oncologist and breast nurses- If the lump feels hard ,firm and does not move fairly freely when touched-then potentially more serious-so from that yours doesn’t seem to fit the criteria-but always get checked to be sure and put mind at rest.

good morning ,

what a horrid way to spend your weekend, googling to find out more about breast cancer and what your lump might be. Well at least you found this site, and its going to be such a help to you whilst you go through the next few weeks waiting for appointment and results.

Most doctors mark all referals urgent so that you do not have to wait too long. It has to be within 2 weeks but dont be surprised if you get a phone call for a date quicker than that. its not that they know somehting you dont, its just that they have got a cancellation and can fit you in.

Do stop playing with it, it only makes it sore and then that makes you worry that its getting worse. And now is the time to stop googling, most of the information out there is old and innacurate. if you have a question come on here and ask.

dont know how you are coping. People react in all sorts of different ways from ostrich in the sand denial to abject ordering the coffin terror. Remember that 9 out of 10 lumps are not cancer and it being moveable is a realy good sign.

do come on here for a cuddle if it all gets too much for you

Thanks for your posts. I’ll read the booklet. I’ve had discussions with my sis who has told me what to expect so I’m not totally in the dark but until you’ve been through it you have so many q’s. I’m finding that I’m analysing my lump now, doc described it as a “lumpy lump”, it feels like it’s attached to something e.g. I can’t easily find the edges of it. It is a bit hard, it’s also a lot harder to find when I lie down. When I droop my boobs (excuse the description!) you can grab it more.

I remember having discussions with my sis when she was going through it, that if I ever had a scare or a raised risk of getting bc I’d get a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery and I must admit I still feel the same now (she was pregnant when she had her mastectomy so didn’t have reconstruction surgery right away and it took years for her to feel “normal” again). I’m trying not to get teary as I’ve had so many deaths and tragedys in my family in the last 7 years. I haven’t told my mum yet as she’s been through enough and she’d only worry herself sick. I however feel quite numb, probably something to do with being on anti-depressants, they must numb the feelings a bit!


Thanks for all your lovely comment and words of reassurance, I really appreciate it…making me bubble a bit but thats what happens when people are nice to you, need to remind everyone to be horrible to me, that way I won’t get upset! x

Hi Nat, u should definatly be seen within 2 weeks but pls don’t be worried if u get one soon, that’s perfectly normal,sometimes they ring up with cancellations etc. The description of ur lump sounds like a cyst i had, it was very palpable & sort of squidgy whereas my cancerous lump was a small, hard, pea like lump, very immovable. U just won’t know though till they do the tests.
The waiting game is the worst time, we call it the waiting room & it’s awful in there, u just want to know what’s going on so u can deal with it. Let us know when ur appt is & in the meantime if u have any niggles, questions or worries pls post them on here & u’ll get lots of help & support or ring the helpline who are very good.
A lot of breast lumps are benign but even if they’re not, the treatment nowadays is fantastic. Let us know how u get on, take care. x

Hi, Just got my appointment through for next Thursday, a bit anxious about it but hey ho…

BTW I noticed the other night that I couldn’t lie on my back without my breast being supported as it was sore, heavy and pulling (I have G cups!). Had a prod at my lump and when I went to put a vest top on I got a stinging feeling when I lifted my arms above my head.

I think I’ve convinced myself that I have a cyst but trying not to feel too positive just in case…

I’ll let you know how I get on…fingers crossed.


hi, have you been prodding your lump to find out what its like?? breasts are very sensative and reacti quickly to things like that. One lady months ago came on worried that her breast now had a purple patch on the skin till someone asked her if she bruised easily–and yes she had been prodding it.

also once you are aware that there is something wrong with part of your body you hold it differently and use all sorts of muscles that you never flexed before and so they get tender. so dont worry about these changes. Its quite normal to notice things like that when you first find a lump.

lets hope its just a cyst–fingers crossed