found a lump

hi ladies
made myself very sick today
was in shower and found a little hard lump just by my scare well right on top of the scare like a little pea… i dont wont to worry myself to much as i still having chemo …should i worry???


Hi Sal,
ooh poor you, what a horrible thing to happen. You can get lots of things around scars that are ok but there is only one way to find out for sure sweet, Phone that BCN in the morning and they should see you very quickly. Is it a masectomy or lumpectomy scar? If you have an implant that can be another reason.
Be brave and there are ok reasons for this too so try not to panic. If the worst thing happened they would change you to another chemo.There are other threads on this if you do a search.
Big hug coming your way. You did the right thing to tell someone. Hoping for the best news for you
Lily x x

Oh Sal, I know how scary this is. I found a little hard lump as well just three days before I finished my rads. It was exactly as you describe. When I eventually had an appointment it was only fluid in a node.

If you are having chemo I hope that you can get it seen very quickly. The chances are that it is nothing but I think that even when we think we are coping ok, the worry is inside us and won’t go. I know that i thought I wasn’t worried but couldn’t stop crying when I knew it was ok. Please ring tomorrow to get it checked.

Wishing you well


Yhanks ladies

i will get it checked

really pist off …and im still feeling crap from chemo i had last tue


hang in there mate
Lily x

Hi ladies
just to let you know had lump checked and it was a pocket of fliud …so doc drained it off and its gone …he scaned it to so im happy now …

and feeling myself again and yes lily200 i had masectomy and the lump was lust above the scare line …

but thanks for you kind thoughs

sal xxxxxx

Sal, I am so pleased - your result was the same as mine. Hurrrrrrrraaaaaaah!!!

Hi Sal,
fantastic news, well done
Lily x