Found a lump

I found a lump in my right breast a few weeks ago and as I was due on my period I didn’t make an appointment to go to the dr’s as looking online it says to way until afterwards and to recheck, anyway the lump has not gone and I have made an appointment to see my dr tomorrow. I am so worried they will say it is breast cancer, my auntie died of breast cancer and my other auntie has had breast cancer too…
Just so nervous

Hi Talcaster - just on the off chance you are having a sleepless night I thought I’d post. The GP won’t be able to do more than make an educated/experienced guess - though obviously some ‘lumps’ are probably more able to be given a working diagnosis than others. It swill be when the GP has referred you to a breast clinic - if that’s what he/she decides is best - that a more definite diagnosis process can begin =- with an examination/ possible mammogram - possible biopsy etc etc. Your GP should know or be informed about your family history. Come on back when you have been and let us know how things went. In the meantime - hope you get a bit of sleep tonight.

Thank you Toriaconey, I saw my GP on Friday evening and I have been referred to the breast clinic and should get an appointment through in next 2 weeks - it’s the waiting now I suppose until then

Thanks toriaconey, well I saw my GP on Friday evening - I really hoped he would say that there was nothing there and I was wrong - he has referred me to the breast clinich and I should get an appointment within 2 weeks… which is going to feel so long to wait.
I really feel like I am in a complete daze and don’t know what to do, I have private health cover but not sure if it is best to wait for this appointment and then take it from there?
Thank you again

Thanks toriaconey,
I have been referred to the breast clinic and my appointment is on 18th March - I am trying to keep myself busy, and have only told my husband, mum and close friend, I am still shocked and really thought the doctor was going to say I was panicking about nothing. I am so scared.

Hi Talcaster, I’m going through the exact same thing, my appointment is for the 20th. I know we can’t help but worry and cry, and worry about the things that might be, It’s so scary, I feel for you x

Hi Talcster and Angie
i was referred to a breast care clinic about 6 weeks ahead of you so understand your concerns. I really recommend keeping busy and trying not to think the worst, the majority of people referred to the clinics are found to have nothing serious so try to think positive. The staff at the clinics are generally very friendly and helpful and will talk you through anything they are going to do and why.
Good luck and hope you are both given the all clear.
Kate xx

Hello Talcster,
I have also found a lump too. Well, I had pain and extreme itching and the dr found the lump. He said I will need a referral to a breast surgeon but as I had gone to the hospital in so much pain, I have to ask my own gp to make the referral. I can’t get an appointment with my gp though :frowning: what is worrying me is, my grandad had breast cancer, and the odds of male bc, I think is 1 in 100,000. I’ve also heard of a gene mutation which men can carry… I’m worried.
hope all goes well for you,
Lisa x

Hi Lisa and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you have this worry, you may find it useful to call our helpliners who are back on tomorrow from 9am on 0808 800 6000 as they can offer you further support and information

I am posting a link to the ‘Worried’ section of our website where you will find lots of information including a link to the ‘Your breast clinic appointment’ publication:\_source=promo\_content&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=worried

Take care


Thank you Lucy.
i may just give them a call when the kids are at school tomorrow. I have had a brief read through the ‘worried’ section… I shall be on the phone to my GP surgery again tomorrow morning!
lisa x