Found another lump after diagnosis in November


I can’t really believe I’m asking this……
After finishing my treatment in March, Radiotherapy sessions after a lumpectomy in my right breast.

I have found my left breast to be really lumpy and can feel 2 small lumps.
A cyst had shown up on a MRI previously on that side but this feels different and I’m so unsure if it’s the same one, but there feels like another one there to.

I phoned the breast nurses last week and they will see me in clinic this week, but surely is this possible that this was missed during my scan in December?

I’m am currently taking Tamoxifen and haven’t had a period for 2 months.

Thank you!

I’m no expert but I think it’s unlikely to be anything serious. Your hormones are supressed by the tamoxifen but I’m sure all the changes caused in your body by the medication could lead to breast changes. It’s wise to get it checked and with your recent treatment, they will investigate thoroughly. Let us know how you get on at your appointment. Also congratulations on finishing your treatment. You’ve done very well to get through the treatment so fast,so hopefully they will be swift at checking you this time too. Good luck.

Hello positivepants1

Thanks for posting.

Finding new lumps, having previously been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, leaves people feeling very anxious and worried.

You explain that the lumps you have noticed are in your left breast and that you had an MRI in December. Breast changes can happen for many reasons and may occur in the weeks and months following a scan. They may be due to hormonal changes or due to benign conditions (not cancer).

As @bluesatsuma suggests, it’s always best to get any new symptoms checked out so it’s good to read that you are being seen in clinic this week.

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