found another lump

found another lump

found another lump Hi Girls
had DCIS on the 13th April with 6 nodes also taken, the scar where the nodes where taken started weeping in one small area, I found a lump just above this area today, so went to the BC Clinic, was not able to see my Consultant but one of his team, he gave me an Ultrasound and said there was something there, but he thinks it is a fluid bag, he did take a very small amount of fluid from the area, but on checking tonight the lump is still there, should it have gone down, when he drained the fluid or will it take a while for the lump to go down, You can guess what I am thinking, has anyone else had this happen 5 weeks after their op, ? I don’t want to ring the BCN again incase they think I am bothering them, I started taking Tamoxifen just over a week ago,and am due to start RADS on the 4th June, should I wait until then and speak to the ONC, thought I was on track to beating this, but now am back to the beginning, thinking all sorts of things, I am so tired of this B!!!y Cancer

Hi Heather

Sorry can’t offer any useful medical advice. Just really to say don’t hesitate to ring your BCN that is what they are there for! You poor thing there is so much to tolerate/worry about as it is without added lumps. My advice would be to phone your BCN asap, if only to put your mind at rest,

Take care and fingers crossed that it’s harmless fluid!

Nicky xx

lump Hi Heatherellis

It happened to me. About 4-5 weeks after surgery, I felt a lump in my axilla (of course was certain it was a cancerous node). ONC stuck a needle in it and sent it for biopsy but he felt sure it was just post surgical inflammation, and he was right. It took 2-3 weeks to go down.
Hope that re-assures you a little.

Please speak to the nurse asap - they are there to help - I felt much better after contacting mine at least I felt a bit more in control (I found a lump in neck two months after surgery - had it removed now and get results on the 29th May - they said they would be surprised if it is anything to worry about) - so do contact your nurse they can reassure you. All the best take care, Chloex

Hello everybody,

I am new to this.

Aren’t we all lumpy ! just back from my GP as I also had a lump under my arm pit and another one high in my breast after surgery (April 23rd, incl 6 nodes removed too) - Spoke to the breast clininc yesterday too - I was told that the trauma of surgery is obviously making the lymph nodes swollen and that it will take month as supposed to weeks to get back to normal…so patience …my right arm and forearm are still painful due to nerve damage during the 2 surgery that I had. I was also told to be aware of lymph fluid build up which can be drain regularly as it does build up quickly when it happens.

Heatherellis, don’t be shy, do call your BCN. You won’t be bothering them at all, and even if you kind of do, well so be it ! We can only be helped if we speak up.

Hope things will get sort it out for you very soon - Hang on in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


thanks for all your support Hi Girls
thank you for all your repies, I am glad I am not the only one who has found a lump, I know that sounds horrible but I don’t mean it to sound that way, but I knew if someone could put my mind at rest I would find them on this site, I will continue with my dreaded exercises, and massaging under the arm pit as I do still have slight cording, and the dreaded lump, spoke to BCN today she said it is fluid and post op swelling.
thanks again
take care all

Still watching your progress Hi Heather - I am so pleased that the lump was harmless. I still keep following your progress and was concerned when I read this post.

Hope everything else is sorting itself out. I keep looking forward to Christmas - I know we are supposed to do a day at a time but I don’t like some of these days too much and keep thinking that the chemo and surgery will be over by then and (hopefully) new year’s eve we can get rid of 2007 and look forward to the rest of our lives…

Keep posting.