Found another lump

Hi everyone,

I came here a few months ago (thanks for the wonderful support!) I had found a lump and was referred. Had a mammogram, ultasound and core biopsy. Results came back all okay. I was to go back to my doctor to be put on waiting list to have lump removed. I have now discovered another one. Same breast. A few inches away from first one. Different size/shape to first one. One specialist had said to me in her expert opinion I had had this first lump for some time. This second lump must be new surely? Im thinking if it had also been there a while it would have showed up on mamogram and/or ultrasound. Im not sure what Im asking… I just thought OH NO not again. The idea of going through the whole waiting thing again. A part of me is wondering could I just not have them both removed at the same time? Im worried. And just needed to tell someone. Thanks for listening.


Hi Juliet,

For your own reassurance and peace of mind, please go back to your Dr - it may be harmless like the first lump, but you should get it checked.

Please let us know how you get on, and I wish you well.

Tracy xx

I would agree with Tracy - go back, ask for it to be checked and see if it can be removed at the same time as the original lump. Might as well get 2 out at the same time and save yourself having to hve 2 operations.

Hi Juliet

Sorry to see you back again, you know you need to get it checked and it would be handy to get them removed at the same time. Good Luck Let us know how you get on.

Yvonne xx

Hi Yvonne & Tracy,

Well I was trying to ignore but knew that was stupid. I just didnt feel like going through the whole thing again… but have made my doctors appointment now and is on Monday late afternoon. Thanks for responding. I shall keep you posted.

Juliet x

Hi Juliet,

I’m so glad you have made an appointment, it really is the best thing to do - but I can understand you feeling as you did.

Please do keep us posted and I hope all goes well.

Tracy x

Hi Juliet,
Glad you made appointment at doctors. I would think that once you have tests and results they will take both lumps out together, but you do need to get it checked out.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed in July 07 and started chemo in Aug then at my last ultrasound before operation in Jan/feb they found another lump ( not showing on mammogram). Def not there before, have had regular scans during chemo, you can imagine panic like you and also how can it be another cancerous lump. Anyway after fna, biopsy etc it was benign a fibroadenoma and I had it removed with original lump, they said prob fast growing, Consultant was going to try and do one incision but as abit far apart I had 2 small incisions but I not worried as long as out. All ok now waiting for radiotherapy.
Hope all goes well for you , let us know
Take care
Dawn X