Found lump, doctor referred me to breast clinic

Everything crossed fun mum - I’ve tried to distract myself with cleaning- kids- baking etc x

Hi Funmum3
I’m so sorry you have waited so long for your appointment but in answer to your question… I went to the Dr’s on the Friday and he booked me an appointment at the one stop clinic for the following Friday from his PC. I had the mammogram, ultra sound scan and core biopsy that day and my results were back the following Wednesday.

I know that different trusts work differently but you do appear to have waited a long time for your appointment and now that you have it it must seem like a long way off still.
It’s been said many times on here but the waiting game is the worst bit.
Let us know how you get on
Best wishes
Funki x

Hi funky thats the schedule they’ve given me my apps tomorrow- I’m in West Yorkshire - it’s been hard enough waiting for the tests let alone results x

Thank you. I’m sure it will pass long enough. I did read somewhere that at busy times the wait can be longer but still within two weeks. And it’s within two weeks of them receiving the letter I guess. Well I’ve managed a week of waiting, another 12 days will pass soon enough I guess.

Thanks all for your kind support :wink: It does seem as we are all in the same boat.Good luck Funmum3 :wink: fingers crossed for you and all the other ladies here :wink:

Might be worth phoning them and saying you can take an appointment at short notice if they have a cancellation?

Hi all i have had my appointment for the 26th of nvember, im so scared but i feel like im causing a mountain out of a molehill as i dont know what lump is and also im due to have a operation on the 27th. Im a nevous wreck just wish i could go now and see what it is then i can concerntrate on getting ready for christmas. Can i ask a q? if bc not in family is that a good sign? or doesnt it matter?

sdfmeg, thanks for that advice, I rang and they said they don’t tend to get cancellations, people just don’t bother to turn up (which is disgusting isn’t it?) but they took my number to ring if there is a chance i can get in at short notice. Lucieloo1 I don’t know, i haven’t got it in my family that i can think of, but dr said a lot of cancers aren’t hereditary, so I’m holding on to that hope, but still worrying

Well tomorrow is the appointment. After just over 2 weeks I’ve rached a crazy place where part of me thinks I’ve been a complete drama queen and there’s absolutely nothing there and it’s all in my imagination, and the other part is thinking it’s some hard to find cancer that’s making my boob shrink. So I don’t know.
Hopefully they’ll find something irritating but harmless that has been cause for the oddness. I will let you know xxxx

Hi funmum3,
I have just come across these posts and want to wish you all the best for tomorrow. Keeping everything crossed for you xx

Hope all goes well today. Kieeping my fingers crossed for you.

Thinking of you today. Hope all goes well and you get the answers you want to hear x x

Sending strength, love and light today… I will be thinking of you and wishing for the positive outcome that we all want for you xxx

Well I’m delighted to report thee mammo and scan brought up absolutely nothing sinister.
I’m very very relieved. The breast care nurse said it is probably simply bodily changes as I age. (Lovely, thank you, I’m 33!). BUT whatever the reason, they cannot find anything nasty, and gratefully I can get back to living without worry.
Thank you all SO SO SO much for your support, and I sincerely wish all of you the very best, and will not forget you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lovely news so pleased for you x x

Thats fantastic news you must be very happy. So pleased for you xxx

Wonderful news, what a relief! :slight_smile:

So pleased you have a good result. You can get back to living your life again, after having had it on hold. That’s fantastic.

That’s the best news I have heard this week, so pleased for you. Take carexx

This is the third post I’ve read today where everything has turned out well… Its wonderful wonderful news Im so pleased for you. Roll on Christmas and have the time of your life!!! Here’s to love, peace, good health and happy days! Big hugs xxxx