Found lump...waiting to attend breast clinic


I found a lump on my right breast in the shower yesterday. I attended the doctors this morning and the doctor examined me and said I have quite lumpy breasts. I didn’t know whether this was supposed to assure me or not? Do some people have naturally lumpy breasts? She found the area I was worried about too and said she was referring me. Luckily I have private medical insurance and I have been able to get an appointment for Wednesday at the breast clinic. I am extremely worried about what they might find and I am struggling to eat. I am only 27 but my mum had breast cancer in her 30s. Thanks for reading x

Hi Daneeeks!


I read a lot of woman has got lumpy breast, wouldn’t know the science around it.

You are one of the lucky one who can be seen so fast. Though it might seem very slow because you are worried a lot whilist waiting but there is only two more sleeps, try to keep busy. Read up about benign breast lumps, it has helped me to calm down a little.


Hope it all goes well on Wednesday, let us know about the results.


 x x.

Who knows we do all have lumpy breasts I guess? Wish you luck for Wednesday let us know how you get on x

I have been before and told I have lumpy breast I’m 24 and attending private appointment today haven’t got insurance but my sisters paying for me to go as I suffer from very bad anxiety I’m really worried :frowning: x

Good luck, let us know how you get on x