Found out fri I have breast cancer

Hi all,

I found out on friday that I have breast cancer and my head is in such a muddle. I am due to have surgery and radiotherapy.

I wondered if anyone can answer some questions I have. I forgot to ask some and stuff that the consultant said went right over my head.

how long will I be in hospital for?

how soon will my radiotherapy start after my surgery?

What side effects will I have, will it be the same as chemo?

I have read some websites but they seem to contradict eachother

I am due to see the consultant next week so will make sure I make a list for all the others I have.

Thank you,

Hi There,

Sorry you had to join us. You added a blank page you mind want to try again with your post. Best wishes to you love Andrea xx

and i join andrea in saying, tell us - it won’t be so scary. take care

Jen xx

Hi EmmaJane,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care chat forums, I’m sure you’ll get lots of help and support from the many informed users of this site.

You might be interested in obtaining BCC’s resource pack which has been especially designed for the newly diagnosed, it’s full of useful information to help you through. To obtain a pack, which is free of charge, follow the link below and one will be posted out to you.

Also if you feel you need to speak to someone in confidence, the helpline staff are here to talk to you, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm.

I hope all this is of some help to you. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi, this is the worst part really, waiting for surgery.I have mine at the end of this week, and have found this site and the lovely ladies on here are an invaluable source of support and information.Oh and there’s a lot of humour too in spite of everything else going on!.Ask away…and there will be an answer xx

Emmajane - Sorry to hear your news. Welcome to the site, I found this invaluable in the early hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep. Ask your questions on here I’m sure there will be someone to reply to you. Further to your questions: I suppose it depends on what your having done and how you react to the op as to how long you will be in hospital. I had, had my op 2 Oct, came out of hosp 7 Oct, I did not need chemo but need Rads which I am starting today 24 Nov for 4 weeks. Hope this helps.

Angela x

Hi Emmajane

It depends on what kind of surgery you are having. I only had a lumpectomy and Sentinal Node Biopsy (checking if cancer has spread to lymph nodes) and was out the next morning. The optimum time to wait for radiotherapy is about 4 weeks after surgery and that’s how long I waited. It does depend on your hospital and how long the waiting list is, my sister in law waited 12 weeks!

Sorry you have had to join us - but we have all been where you are and you are not alone. I assume from your screen name you are aged 30-31? I am 30 and had a lumpectomy and Sentinal node biopsy - now had mastectomy, and that wasn’t as bad as I had imagined - I went out into the world within a week of being out of hospital and no one would know! Both times in hospital I was in 3 nights but it all depends on how much you drain. Once its sunk in that you have Cancer, you should try not to think about whats going to happen too far ahead. Break it down into stages. Having BC changes your outlook. It changed me to the point where I didn’t care what surgery they did so long as they got everything out - which in my case they did. I will be having Chemo starting Friday, but what happens after surgery depends on the individual and chemo is not always needed.
The surgery itself I personally did not find as bad as I thought - I was in no pain other than finding it difficult getting out of bed and moving around but that soon wears off when the drains are out and you can do a little more each day. Be prepared for things to move very fast in terms of surgery and treatment. I found my lump end of Sept - its now end of Nov and I have had 2 operations, with Chemo round the corner - still can’t believe what has happened in a short space of time although the waiting in between felt like forever. Good luck with everything you will go through and let us know how you get on and don’t be afraid to ask any questions no matter how trivial they seem. All the best M xx

Hi EmmaJane,
You will find a lot of support here. Usually you will find out after surgery whether you will be having chemo. I’m assuming you are having a Wide Local Excision because you wouldn’t usually have rads after a mastectomy.

I was diagnosed end of June, had a Wide Local Excision and lymph node clearance mid-July, waited 3 weeks for the results, the surgeon did not get clear margins so I had a re-excision 18th Aug, saw the oncologist 18th September and started chemo 2nd October - it is set to end Jnuary and I will start rads at the end of Feb. I am 36.

The first operation I stayed in two nights and the second one night - I did not have drains in either time.

The BCC booklets are very clear and helpful, and will answer a lot of your questions.

Take care and keep coming back here to ask questions,
Irina xx

Hi, I think it all depends where you are being treated. I was dx 31stMay2006. The next week I started chemo 3xFec 3x doc. On the 8th October I had a mastectomy and clearance and 4 weeks later started 15xrads.The rads were a piece of cake . I was in hospital less than 24 hours for my mastectomy and the district nurse came in to check and take my drain out on day5. Good Luck and take each day as it comes. This site is great for answering questions and support so keep checking in.
Marion xx

Hi Emma Jane,

So sorry to read you have been diagnosed. This is a great place to come to learn and realise you are not alone, many have gone or are going through all different kinds of this and are an amazing bunch of people. I can’t help you with your questions as every woman is different, but the list of questions you want to ask is definately a good idea, we forget so much when we are faced with the specialists and I always felt the emotion got too much and I forgot things!

Best wishes