frantic again

i went for my first mammogram post cancer yesterday, i had stage one grade 2 no node involvement i asked if i could get the results but was told there was no one to read them, started to panic having to wait all over again, well she did the flat mammo shots first then the side views, she said not to get dressed yet as she needed to have a look at the mammos first, then she said she needed to take a further mammo of the right boob, thats where the cancer was, i asked if she had seen anything as she needed to do another one, she said the breast was on the edge of the plate and she did not want to miss aything… ive been hysterical ever since,i understand the breast must look different as i had 2 wle,s and rads and aromasin for next 5 yrs but im so scared she saw something else , im stuck in panic overdrive now

Angiem, any technician worth their salt will look at the pictures to make sure they’re clear enough for a specialist to read them. The technician is not qualified to interpret the results but CAN check to make sure the pictures are clear enough for the specialist to deal with - THAT is what happened, and THAT is why you had to wait, just in case the pictures weren’t clear. Imagine how dreadful you’d feel if fuzzy pics got sent off to the specialist who then said “They’re fuzzy, I can’t read them, get the patient back in for some more” after you’d already waited a week.

My suggestion - breathe in, breathe out, repeat as necessary.

Don’t worry, if you’ve got dense breast tissue then it’s hard for them to get a clear and unblurred picture and have to do more. I’m 34 and I have dense tissue, so I had LOADS of shots taken of my boobs as they’re big and they kept coming out blurry. CM’s right, it’s better that they do that then be unreadable by the specialist and you be sent back for more then have to wait again.

Even if they did see something it doesn’t mean it’s cancerous either. The person who did it should have reassured you bearing in mind you’ve had cancer in the past.


thank you xxx ive got my self in to a rite state, i aint sobbed in the shower for months , thank you so much , xx

Angie, its so horrible going for the mammo isn’t it, and we always dream up interpretations of events such as the technician taking another picture of the right breast - I am with CM and EK, its to do with picture quality, nothing else. I was nearly past myself when waiting for first mamo result so I just rang the BCn and rang again and again until they gave me the result, a while two weeks earlier than expected! good luck girl, Nicola

all you girls are lovely your so kind thank you… im breathing a little better now CM not such a frantic pant x

to all you dear ladies who helped me stay sane…this afternoon i went to see my consultant, my mammogram showed NO CANCER left there at all , just lots of scar tissue, but thats to be expected after the surgeries, thank you all from the bottom of my heart you are all so kind xxxx angie xx

oh my god --another good result, thats three in the last couple of days. must be so good for those waiting to hear to read, great news for you, and hope for others on here worrying about what is in store for them

Hi everyone and great to hear good results. I went for my first Mammogram on the other boob after a Mastectomy. After waiting for weeks I got my results saying they were “Satisfactory”. They said they would have called me back if there was a problem but I still feel a little worried. “Satisfactory” wasn’t much good on your school report! neither good nor bad. Not a great choice of words.

Lovely news, angiem, I’m delighted for you. See, we woz right!

Now take a very BIG deep breath and let out a massive “WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!”