I have just finished my six doses of chemo on fec having been diagnosed on the 21 Dec 2006 with DCIS. I had surgery and recon done at the same time basically because they didn’t expect the path result coming back with what it did. Grade 3 invasive and to add to that HER2 +3. I have notices over the time of chemo i’ve accumalated more freckles all over my body than I ever had before. Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this.

Big hugs to anyone going through the Toxic shock bit. Love to all

Scottydog (Trace)

I have only had one FEC so far, second tomorrow, but if I get more freckles, they will join up and I will look very tanned so I would be very pleased!!


Hi Scottydog,

I finished my chemo in April, but I definitely noticed more freckles on my body during the chemo, and most of them are still there. I developed a very dark one on the inside of my left thumb, almost immediately after my first chemo, I think. I had read that chemo can alter the pigmentation of your skin, though, so wasn’t too concerned, and its definitely fading now - as are other freckles which were there long before the chemo - bonus! I do find I’m freckling in the sun after very little exposure this year, which I think is also down to the chemo.


Thank you both for your replies. I was beginning to think my eyes were deceiving me. I must admitt I’ve always been a sun worshipper in the past. Think I will have to re think that one form now on.

I hope your chemo goes ok tomorrow Anne. I will be thinking of you.

Thank you both

Love and hugs
Scottydog (Trace)

Yes!!I’m so glad its not just me I got loads more freckles all over during chemo and was a bit anxious but bcn reassured horace