free breaks for people with or who have had cancer

free breaks for people with or who have had cancer

free breaks for people with or who have had cancer Dear carolb
I have removed the website details as it contained swear words which are not permitted on the site due to the risk of causing offence to other users, I trust you understand.

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Hi, Ladies,

Last year i went on the most amazing 5 days, in Kent (tho you can do this in Scotland and the Midlands) with other people of all ages who have or have had cancer with a charity called Odyssey.

I’m sure others reading this who have been will agree that it is the most amazing time doing things that you would not imagine you would want to, or could do after what we have all been through, and all completely free.

Now that i am well enough i am joining Odyssey in October to trek for 8 days across the Sahara,raising money so that you guys can go and have the same experiences.

Love Carolb

Hi Carolb I had a look at this site, it looks really good and I’m interested but it seems quite scary not knowing what your doing or where your going. Did you not know anything at all before you went

Love Lisa

I’m going… I’m booked on the one in July in the midlands. All I know is what is on the website and a list of what to bring… it doesn’t give much away. I just know that people rave about it when they come back.

If people are confused about the website… I don’t know what website link was removed, but the official Odyssey website could not offend anyone. Just type ‘Odyssey cancer’ into Google to find it.

Anyone else on the one in July?


Im going too! Hi girls,

Im booked into the one in Scotland in September. They dont give much away in what to expect. I know that Ive to arrive in Dunoon before being wisked away - to where, I do not know. What I do know, is that they do try to enchance the quality of life for people with Cancer using the outdoors.

I had a chat with one of the organisers before booking my place and he told me that some of the people, who have already been away with them in the past, have told them that if they knew what to expect in advance, then they probably wouldnt have gone along, but glad they did. Again, I too have heard people raving about it.

He also told me that one time, they had an 84 year old away with them - so im thinking, it cant be too outrageous! Heres hoping.

There website is there you will find more information, should anyone be interested.

Love, Michelle x

I’m going in July Hi bweeps!
I’m booked on the Midlands trip in July too! just got my letter through today. it sounds intriguing eh! i’ve never done any outward bound stuff before so hope it’s not too scary!