Free Dental Treatment

I was wondering how many people have had problems with their teeth after chemo. My teeth used to be really good now I have had 100’s of pounds worth of treament (extraction, filling repairs and a crown) - my teeth are literally falling a part. I think this is due to pH changes in the mouth, thrush and not being able to floss etc. for months. This is really tough after a year out of work. After preganancy you get 1 years free treatment. Should we be campaigning for a similar concession for all people who have gone through chemo?

Just a thought anyway - would like to know what others feel


Hi Jacqui

I agree with you totally. There are many other diseases, treatments that cause problems to teeth and gums such as diabetes, lupus, Crohn’s etc too, and ironically the worst problems with teeth arise simply with ageing. I see patients everyday who have immense dental problems that have a huge impact on their quality of life. However, the powers that be seem to think that teeth are detached from the rest of the body. They will fork out huge amounts for so many other treatments, but not dental treatment. The NHS dental system is terrible as dentists get paid a very small amount for doing very expensive treatments, so as a result, many have decided to opt out and I can’t blame them and the irony is many want to be working in the NHS if only they were paid at a similar level to doctors.

Hi Jacqui

I was just like you - in the year or so after my chemo I had dreadful problems with my teeth - fillings and extractions. I remarked to my dentist that I knew my teeth had never been brilliant, but they had certainly never been this bad before and he informed me that it was almost certainly the chemo that had affected them - because it dries up the saliva. Free treatment for a year after chemo would seem an appropriate response - I’m with you on this one!



After my 4th chemo I became neutropenic and as a result developed an abcess on a wisdom tooth. Went to the Max Fax clinic whilst I was in hospital for the neutropenia and had x-rays and saw a consultant. On discharge my Onc said I needed to get the tooth taken out before chemo could continue but wouldn’t refer me to hopsital dentist so had to go private to get it out and healed within the chemo delay window he gave me. It cost me £150, I was livid but at the time didn’t have the energy to argue and was scared the chemo would stop working if I delayed too long so just did it.

Will the free scripts cover dental work and other stuff related to treatment when it comes in?

Hi Jacqui
yes, i have been having problems since chemo and due to go to dentist after christmas. dreading what work will have to be done, and the cost. feel i am going to be in for a shock. i do think we should get help with the costs, and the same for help with prescriptions and hospital travel, but thats another story!!!
someone should sit up and take notice!!!
deb x

Hello - thank you for your encouraging responses. I will write a letter to my MP, copied to the Minister for Health and the BDA - I will report back if I get any response.

Hope you are all keeping apart from your teeth

Hi Jacqui

I think writing is a very good idea. One of the best people to write to is the Chief Dental Officer who is the dental advisor for the Department of Health and is ultimately the one who makes all the major decisions.

The name and address are

Barry Cockcroft
Chief Dental Officer
The Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall
London SW1A 2NS

Good luck and if the moderators remove the address, which hopefuly they shouldn’t as the more people who write, the better, I will PM it to you.

Good luck


Hi Jacqui

I’m SURE my teeth are an even worse colour than when I started this … anyone else ?
love FB xx

Hi Jacqui
why not alos write to some of the cancer charities and BCC campaigns section.They are very interested to know what we would like them to campaign for.

Somehow though, with the lack of NHS dental surgeries and expensive private cover i can’t see us being given any help towards dental costs.
My teeth are awful, but then they were not in too good shape before chemo


my teeth have been slowly falling apart since chemo ,ive had loads of extractions and now one of my front teeth has just chipped off !i feel bad enough having put on all this extra weight without not being able to smile like i used to ,and my teeth although they were never sparkly white, have a greyish tinge to them .yes i think we should campaing for more recogniotion about this ,just another side effect like the lymphodemia that is glossed over by the medical profession .lynn x

thanks for the address Cathy - I will follow up your ideas. I know we will not get an immediate response but I think it is a case of the drippin tap method. Just keep quietly plugging away and eventually someone responds if only to get you off their back.

sent some letters out last week - no replies yet