Free Prescription after 5 years?

Just wondering about the free prescriptions we get in England after being dx with cancer. I am on tamoxifen for 5 years but will be on Adcal d3 probably forever. Does this mean when the 5 years are up, if im lucky enough to not have had a recurrence/mets, then do i go back to paying for prescriptions even though i will still have to take Adcal d3 due to my cancer treatment? What if they change me to Femera ater 5 years, do they continue to be free then or is it just 5 years from dx then pay again?

Ask your doc at the next appointment, but there is also the option for a PPC at £104 for a year it may be cost effective.

As I understand, you can renew the exemption after 5 years if still required. GP would just have to authorise it.

Just noticed an earlier thread that suggests it can be extended for after effects.

you can renew it if you are still on treatment. If you are still on hormone treatment you will get it renewed